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This toy is a visual treat for children due to its vivid range of colors. The spinning wheels expose them to multiple shades or tints of primary and secondary colors. This helps children visualise the gradation of colors in a simple yet comprehensive manner. They engage themselves for hours indulging in various games to distinguish and describe the differences between lighter and darker hues of the six basic colors.

Skills Developed:

As children begin to sort different shades of colors, it magnifies their understanding of color at a very young age. It enhances their visual discrimination skills and makes them aware of the comparison between colors. Naming the shades and tints of various colors and arranging them in a specific order makes them notice even minute differences in color shades. One of the most exciting challenges this toy poses is when the children have to match shades by memory, and this exercises their mind in a way that significantly enhances their cognitive ability. The simple action of using their hands to rotate the wheels and locking them in place, enhances their eye-hand coordination.

Age Range : 3-4 Years

Material : Wood