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The sand pendulum is one of the most enticing activities, where children can independently do everything by themselves. They do not want to lose control of the cup, and love swinging it the way they like, in different directions. Children can even adjust the length of the thread, change the type of cup and control the amount of sand to form extremely interesting patterns with different combinations of their own liking

Skills Developed:

Following the pendulum's motion improves visual tracking skills in children, which is useful for reading and sports. As they push and pull the cup or the string, adjust the length of the string and change the volume of sand in the cup, they understand the concepts of speed, force, motion and repeated motion as well as the impact of their actions based on the sand patterns formed. Pulling the pendulum without upsetting the cup is challenging for children and helps in the process of developing dexterity.

Age Range : 4-5 Years

Material : Wood