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The four small ball on the inside of the four corresponding color portion of the empty stage play, let the baby were struck with a hammer four small ball, the ball fell into the bottom along the track. Arouse baby`s interest, you can exercise the power of the baby wrist. Let the baby come to realize that the red, yellow, blue, green, four colors, To guide their children`s right hand while training, his hands alternately with the ability to exercise,Training baby`s hand-eye coordination.

Children always like East West Knock knock, this time let him knock your fill! Hammer ball drop, kids like gaze tracking down balls, can develop vision, but also understand the cause and effect relationship. Adults beside helped to find: ''Red Ball basketball do it??'' The result children naturally learn to identify colors! This game is suitable for your children to play with and to increase parent-child relationship.

Age Range : 1.5+ Years

Material : Wooden