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  • Choco Almond: Dark Chocolate With Almond Crunch - Protein Power
  • Nutty Apricot: Punch Of Fruit And Nuts - Packed With Fibre
  • Yoghurt Berry: Goodness Of Yoghurt Meets Tangy Berry-Loaded With Anti-Oxidants
  • New Quinoa Almond: Crispy Quinoa Mixed With Crunchy Almonds- Packed With Omega 3
  • Dark Chocolate Orange + Vitamin C

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About Healthy Delights by MojoBar (Bite Size Goodness)

Mojo Bars are delicious and balanced snacks loaded with the ideal combination of cereals, nuts and fruits – each in their natural form. They contain nothing artificial and are perfect to fill you up when you’re on the move. These bars give you your daily dose of protein, fiber and good fats in just the right proportion. Our bars are bound with glucose – one of the most natural forms of sugar. Unlike high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners it does not get stored as fat. Instead, glucose is utilized for energy. Mojo Bars contain 15-20% sugar – which would help build enough energy to last at least 2 hours. Mojo Bars are healthy balanced snacks, with about 5 gm of protein – just the right amount needed for a snack. The protein in Mojo Bars is all drawn from natural sources like almonds, peanuts and soy. A ‘complete protein’ source, with all the 9 essential amino acids, this form is easily digested and absorbed by the body. So go ahead and snack away!

Age Range : 2-5 Years

Reviews (6)

These mojo bars are super delicious. Love the way how they are crunchy. Best part they haven't used any artificial sugar. So can easily give it to ur baby too if he demands for chocolate. It's healthy abd nutritious too. My daughter loves t ...see more

It's one of the best and yummilicious energy energy bar i have tasted so far...it comes in three different flavours and all are very good..full of nutrients and energy...it's very good option for busy mom's and travel freindly

It's an healthy and tasty alternative for chocolate. Also can be sent as snack for school. Its travel friendly and completely healthy so I always carry it in my bag for my daughter and me. Also it is easily chewable so it can be given to sm ...see more

We all love mojobars. My most favourite is almond one. My daughter wants to eat it all day. It's free from gluten, sugar & preservatives. Highly recommended.

These bars are such healthy option on a go or when you are hungry and still a time to meal . I love the different variations of these bars . They taste so good

Well I recieved mojo bar energy bars. Thank you baby chakra for goodies.no one can say that healthy things are not tasty..even my kid loved it..giving instant energy..highly nutritious bars..so yummy..looking for my next purchase