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Second Trimester Profile Test


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Key Features
  • Special Preventive Health Package
  • Easy Payment Option
  • Online Report
  • Home visit available
  • Second Trimester Tests
The Package Includes following test:

- Ultrasonography : An ultrasonography or the baby scan as it is commonly known, sends sound waves of a certain frequency through a
machine to the uterus. The computer then sketches the reflections of these waves to create an image of your baby. This image helps the
doctors map the growth of your baby and check for any problems that might develop.

- Multiple marker test : Test recommended from 15-20 weeks. You will be offered a blood test between 15 to 20 weeks called the multiple-
marker test. It is a screening test for Down syndrome and neural tube defects. As this is only a screening test, it only indicates your likeliness of
having an affected foetus; and a positive result means you need further testing.

- Glucose screening test : Test recommended from 24-28 weeks. During pregnancy, some women who previously had normal blood sugar levels
are prone to developing gestational diabetes. If not diagnosed or treated, it can cause significant adverse effects to the health of the baby. In
cases of high sugar level in the blood, you will have to undergo a further glucose-tolerance test.

- Urinalysis : This test may be done multiple times .Your urine may be tested for Red blood cells to rule out urinary tract diseases,
,White blood cells to rule out urinary tract infections, Presence of glucose to rule out diabetes mellitus, Protein levels in early pregnancy and
late pregnancy are compared to assess the possibility of preeclampsia.

- Urine culture : A urine culture is a test that can detect bacteria in your urine. This test can find and identify the germs that cause a urinary tract
infection (UTI).

- Home visit for blood collection are available.

- Reports can be send across mail.

*Note : Electronic fetal heart rate monitoring, Amniocentesis, Cervical length scan, Anomaly scan and Percutaneous Umbilical Blood
Sampling(PUBS) are not included in this Package.
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