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Lamaze Childbirth Classes


₹ 8500.00
inclusive of all taxes

Key Features
  • 4 Sessions
  • 3 Hours each session
  • Weekends Classes
Lamaze Certified Childbirth Preparation Workshops act as comprehensive and effective way to help expectant parents to be fully informed, well prepared & be empowered to experience a healthy and joyful pregnancy and childbirth

Session Includes:
1. How best to have a healthy pregnancy – physiologic changes, comfort measures, diet & nutrition, relaxation, basics of pre-natal yoga.
2. Preparing for Birth - How to evaluate & choose a care provider, building a birth support team, making a birth plan
3. What to expect from Birth – Stages of labor, how to cope, decoding pain, comfort measures, benefits & risks of interventions such as induction, epidural
,episiotomy, cesarean & more
4. Six Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices – the core of the Lamaze course
5. All about Breastfeeding – How it works, latching, milk supply, common challenges
6. Caring for your Newborn – Mother baby bonding, cord clamping, newborn needs, common myths.
7. Post partum care – self care, support systems, baby blues, getting back to work

• Sessions: 4 sessions
• Duration: 3 hours each session
• Sessions designed for expecting couples (or other partner)
• Sessions will be in small groups of 3 to 6 couples. Individual workshops also available
• Timings: Weekends
• Location: Noida & Delhi
• Price : Rs.8500
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