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Post Pregnancy Transformation (Online) - 30 days

Post Pregnancy Transformation (Online) - 30 days
Giving birth is a life transformation phase. The journey has lots of things - sleepless nights, birthing scars, healing uterus, tiger strips, bloated feet, swollen legs, puffy eyes, dark circles, hair-fall, mood swings, depressions, craving, anxiety and the list goes on.

What you can expect:

✔ 30 days exhaustive plan for health re-gain with the right diet and work out plan
✔ *Exclusive* : first 15 min FREE introductory call post booking
✔ Rs. 1,000/- discount for select early bird customers! Send us a mail at or ping us on - today!!
✔ *Exclusive* gamification of program with weekly treasure hunts and contests. Surprise gifts to winner!
✔ *Exclusive* Customised Diet plans
- *Exclusive* Customised Fitness and work out guidelines
✔ Monthly Dietary plan. This helps speed up & manage your body metabolism.
✔ Observation & Daily Log of your daily food intake and immediate correction.
✔ Constant motivation from the dietitian & regular checks on food intake
✔ Lots of easy & healthy recipes which will make sure you are not devoid of anything be it sweet or savory
✔ Recipes which help in lactation, these recipes are designed keep in mind the grandma's theory and modern science
✔ Tips and Tricks on Lactation care, self-care, beauty, time management, and stress-free living, baby care will be given often
✔ Weekly weight check and measurement checks.
✔ Report Card at the end of the month.
✔ Weekly workout guide from Home.
✔ Anytime Any day query solution.
✔And much more...

Expectation from participants to follow rules, follow guidelines and be diligent to see results!