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Baby's Personalized Weekly Diet Plan

Baby's Personalized Weekly Diet Plan

During this lockdown and global pandemic, BabyChakra brings together 1-on-1 expert guidance, for our young families. Ensure that you have the healthiest and tastiest food options for your little one.

Get :

1. Personalized Weekly Diet plan for all 7 days of the week

2. Accounting for your baby's dietary preferances

3. Custom to your needs, with guaranteed health outcomes if followed sincerely.

Dr. Ami is an experienced Clinical Dietitian and has done P.G.Diploma in Dietetics. She has been well recognized by our moms as an expert on Nutrition and Wellness. She will share a Personalized Diet Plan over Email basis your preferences.

Note : this is an Online Service only. We do not take COD orders for this service.