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About Handwriting Prediction @ Just Rs 50/- on 16th May 2019

हमारी शाम्भवी वापस आ गई है
इस बार शाम्भवी अपनी लिखावट की भविष्यवाणी के साथ वापस आ गई है! बस Rs 50/- का भुगतान करें, टिप्पणी अनुभाग में अपनी लिखावट की एक छवि पोस्ट करें और शाम्भवी आपके व्यक्तित्व के बारे में बताएगी।

नाम: शाम्भवी तरोट
दिनांक: 16 मई 2019
समय: दोपहर 12:00 से 1:00 बजे तक
पदनाम: सामुदायिक टैरो के संस्थापक

भुगतान कैसे करें:
1) 16th May 2019 को नियुक्ति तिथि भरें
2) अब Book Now पर क्लिक करें 
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6) लाइव चैट के कमेंट सेक्शन के तहत अपना प्रश्न लिखें

This time Shambhavi is back with her handwriting Prediction! Just pay Rs 50/-, Post a image of your handwriting in the comment section and Shambhavi will tell your about your personality.

Name: Shambhavi Tarot
Date: 16th May 2019
Timing: 12:00 to 1:00 pm
Designation: Founder Of Community Tarot For 

How to Pay :
1) Fill in the appointment date as 16th May 2019
2) Click on Book now and go onto your cart
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Reviews (15)

Shambhavis predictions were very accurate. It was very educative session. Wearing right colour clothes can change everyday mood and positivity. It was very amazing session.

Shambhavi is a very lively person. Her predictions are surprisingly accurate. I found the colour therapy suggested by her to be quiet helpful in bringing positivity into your thoughts and

I loved the session with her. Her prediction were very accurate. I realized wearing right colours can change my day. She is positive soul. Highly Recommended !!!

In my first interaction with her, she was amazing! She has a super positive and vibrant vibe that would just make your day better. amazing session. We had a brief session in the office on the occasion of holi. she just guessed everything ri ...see more

She is a very lively person, her predictions are very correct. She told me things which only i know!! I would definitely recommend her! Her energy is very positive

Shambhavis readings are accurate & her responses are very positive . After her session i realized that Black was not a colour and the colour that we wear have a direct impact on our day.

Her predictions were very accurate. It helped me to understand my child better. Now my relationship with my son improved and we both understand each other. Thanks!

Actually i didn't believe it in before, but whatever she said it was very accurate...
amazing experience i hope will ask more in get more insight about me.. Thanks Shambhavi

I have visited few other Tarot card reader but this session was more educative than a mere reading. Shambhavi is approachable, accurate and explains things in a clear manner with great examples from everyday life. Totally recommended :)

Her Personality Predication for me based on my colour choice was Bang On ... Super energetic and lively person. Would love to have a detailed session with her on my future prediction