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LAMAZE Healthy Pregnancy & Healthy Labor Session

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Key Features
  • Nutritional Counselling Session
  • Mother Nutrition
BabyChakra brings together a 1-on-1 expert consultation with Dr. Riddhi Kataria
Virtual Session conducted for 2 hours on a weekend where the following topics are discussed - 

Pregnancy Milestones. 
Pregnancy Health - Healthy Weight Gain for you and your baby. 
Manage Aches and Pains - Quick Remedies for Heartburns, Acidity, Gastric Issues, Back Pain, Calf Cramps, Knee Pain, Breast Pain etc. 
Tips on Healthy Diet & Recommended Exercise Program. 
Various modifications to your own Lifestyle for dealing with challenges of Pregnancy - Correct way of standing, sitting, sleeping, picking up objects from floor, doing household routine activities. 
Pre-Labor Signs - Signs that your body, baby and hormones give you so that you know what are the normal signs and what are the signs which can complicate your Pregnancy. How to react to those signs and what helps you to keep your Pregnancy & Labor as natural & healthy as you can. 
Breathing & Relaxation techniques that can be practiced throughout your Pregnancy. 
Best time to take this session is 15th week onwards. 

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