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Dr. Dhwani Shah is a Physiotherapist,Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and a young mother herself.She truly believes Lamaze Education and Pain coping strategies helped her truly in her own labor and childbirth .

Dear To-be mothers,please go through the following questions
1)Do you experience low back pain in your pregnancy and feel its disturbing your activities of daily living like sitting,standing,rolling in bed?
2)Do you feel stressed,tired,exhausted and difficult to deal with the changes happening in your body physically and emotionally during pregnancy?
3)Are you worried about your baby's position in pregnancy being in breech(legs down position) and are wondering if there are ways to tilt the baby or help the baby descend down towards your last few weeks?
4)Do you want to remain fit and confident in your pregnancy right upto your due date?

Let Birth N Beyond guide you through this journey of pregnancy through our fun and interactive pregnancy yoga and exercise sessions
These sessions will help you maintain a good posture,deal with aches and pains and help build mother and baby bond.

Pregnant mothers beyond 12 weeks
Please get in your gynaecological file and records for our ready referance of your pregnancy profile.

Warm ups,stretches,pregnancy yoga,pregnancy aerobics,Strength training,Music meditation

• Number of Sessions: 6 (1 session per week)
• Duration of Session: 45 mins
• Session Includes: Pregnancy Yoga, Pilates, Stretches, Strength training, Music Meditation & Relaxation, Dealing with Pregnancy Aches & Pains.
• Group Session: Yes
• On completion of these you can avail Unlimited sessions at a nominal cost upto your due date.