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With so many questions and fears in your mind when becoming a mother for the first time, it is best to consult a lactation consultant. Who are they? Lactation consultants are the professional breastfeeding specialists, who are trained to teach young mothers the process to feed their new born. They help a woman who is experiencing breastfeeding issues like latching difficulties, low milk production or painful nursing. A lactation consultant will also help the baby, who is not gaining enough weight. Lactation consultant works at a hospital, doctor's office or clinic. Some also have a private practice. They often take classes to make pregnant women fully aware about breastfeeding and it’s nuances. They also help women who want to come back to work or school and meet their breastfeeding goals. A lactation consultant is also familiar with various breastfeeding tools and techniques such as breast pumps, and they also explain how to pump and store breast milk safely. When should you visit a lactation consultant The few studies available show that anywhere from few to most of the breastfeeding women struggle with significant difficulties within the first week of the baby's birth. Top complaints are sore nipples, excessive infant weight loss, latching problems, insufficient milk supply and the delay in the onset of the mother's milk supply. For all such problems related to breastfeeding, the lactation consultant is best positioned to help you out. What You'll Learn Lactation consultants/ counsellors provide a large range of services that include everything from helping a new mom to position her baby on her breast to offering her tips on how to increase the milk supply or handle breast infection. The consultant can also devise feeding strategies for multiples, preemies or infants with serious medical conditions like cleft palate, tongue tie or heart disorder (these babies need the extra nutrition that breastfeeding offers). Also, even after months of breastfeeding, the moms who want to find a good pump or unable to understand the nursing implications of beginning their child’s solid food diet can benefit from visiting a professional lactation consultant / counsellor. In fact, working mothers need additional assistance to make their breastfeeding journey work even in their absence! Sometime, the best commodity the lactation consultant may offer you is simple reassurance – an affirmation that you are in no way a failure as a new mother should you be struggling to be one, or concrete proof that your breastfeeding is working well for your child indeed. But that’s important too! The moment the breastfeeding mom is confident and happy, oxytocin hormone is generated in bulk and the breastfeeding process works smoothly. How can we at Baby Chakra help? Now that you know the significance of lactation consultant, you should plan a visit to the one near you. There are several options for lactation counsellors/ consultants/ eductaors on Baby Chakra. We have enlisted few of the topmost lactation consultants of the city to make the search easy for you. Most importantly, you will find reviews by other mothers which will help you further in selecting the right lactation consultant for you and your baby. We, at Baby Chakra, will provide you with the complete details of the medical practitioner, including their contact details, services, and genuine customer reviews. The list is often upgraded with new additions. The consultants on our portal are the best ones in the city. So, get help with all your breastfeeding problems by consulting a lactation consultant today via BabyChakra.