Baby Names starting with u

Thinking about your child’s name for a long time? Still haven’t found the perfect match? We’ve got your back! Now check out our alphabetical list of 410 Baby Names Starting with U alphabet along with their meaning and select the most appropriate one for your newborn!

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elevated, high, generous


Create a Lord; Dawn


Eastern Horizon


rising up, result, conclusion


Rising Sun


Daughter of mountain


ascending, prosperous, another name for visnu


Old Arabic Name


She was a narrator of Hadith



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Last night I told my husband that my cousin brother Is getting married next month and I asked him to guess the bride name. The bride name is Zaara ( that's my daughters name too ). After few wrong guesses he asked for a hint. I told him that the name is very special for me and I love it a lot. His promt ans was is he getting married to Babychakra?? I bursted into laugh...
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