Meet some of BabyChakra's Favourite Mom Communities

BabyChakra believes in scouting out the best sources of support for you as a mom: online, offline, anywhere! Here are our top picks of some awesome mom communities that will help you through every step of the way.

How were they picked:

  1. Awesome, supportive moderators
  2. Active communities
  3. Mom-Relevant topics
  4. A non-judgmental DNA!

Grooming Babies

Grooming Babies

8,344 members

Managed by Oindrila Purohit


Grooming Babies is all about how we can 'groom our babies' to be more secure and complete children of tomorrow. This is a group where parents with young children can share & learn, connect & interact, support & help each other in this beautiful journey of parenting.

Moderator is on BabyChakra's panel of experts

Nourish Nurture Gentle Parenting

Nourish & Nurture Gentle Parenting

471 members

Managed by Effath Yasmin


NnN Gentle Parenting is a support group under Nourish & Nurture Parenting Education (www. for sharing all experiences and discussions among the participants of Parenting Sessions Series of 'How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids will Talk'

Mothers Digest

Mother's Digest

1159 members

Managed by Rukhsar Saleem


Mother is baby's first school. And this school lays down the physical, mental, social, and environmental pillars of his/her growth. Through this group Moms contribute by sharing experiences and discussing concerns/ issues about parenting.

Baby Led Weaning

BabyLed Weaning

6091 members

Managed by LaheelaMalvankar ,Aparna Bhat, Neha Viswanathan


This group has been set up to create awareness about an alternative way of introducing solids to babies, called baby led weaning.

Baby led weaning is when babies are allowed to self feed pieces of the family foods right from the start, when they are showing signs of readiness for eating solids. With baby led weaning there is no making of pureed foods and spoon feeding the baby.

Mumo Mumbai Moms - Facebook Group

MuMo Mumbai Moms

36,039 members

Managed by Neha Kare


Exclusive group for mumbai moms only! if you are a mom and is staying in are welcome to join us !

Vision of MUMO- MUMO is your best buddy who gives you strength in times of struggle, support in times of need , smiles in times of celebrations, connect in times of virtual world, friends in times of competition, love in times of likes and above all the buddy who gives you a "break" much deserved .

Sunshine Moms - Facebook Group

Sunshine Kids & Moms

5734 members

Managed by Sandhya Chopra


A Group for all enthusiastic mommies and kids to INTERACT, EXPLORE AND HAVE UNLIMITED HAPPY TIMES together.

Just Moms Kids

Just Moms & Kids

3675 members

Managed by Ritu Dhawan


A forum for MOMS and MOMS TO BE, to get together, discuss, advice and benefit from.Out of your own experiences you can recommend and review products and services for your babies,kids and teenagers.Moms who want the best for their children will visit this page.What better opportunity to showcase baby or kids clothes,games,media,maternitygoods,books,toys,fooditems,activitycentres,hobbyclasses,workshops,or anything else us moms are always on the look out for.

Flexi Work Options for Women (FWoW) - Facebook Group

Flexi Work Options for Women (FWoW)

11,521 members

Managed by Snehal Agrawal


The purpose of this group is an effort to provide women a platform to showcase there skills and talent and hunt for Flexible work options which suits their profile.

Kiducate - Facebook Group


15,028 members

Managed by Basantika Sharma


KIDUCATE is a common platform to share and exchange information, reviews, feedbacks and opinions about the various curricular and extra curricular activities your child is in. It aims at sharing educational related information for parents and kids to benefit from. KIDUCATE hopes to be successful in its endeavor to facilitate you to maximize the learning potential of your child in all fields of development.

Raising Smart Kids - Facebook Group

Raising Smart Kids

4,215 members

Managed by Pallavi Ranjan


A child doesn't require a genius to help reach her intellectual potential - just a loving and involved parent! How to make our toddlers learn while they are growing up? It is through dedicated participation of parents which makes learning a fun game for children! Raising Smart Kids is a platform to share helpful parenting tips and learning activities to do with your toddler. Find learning activities, parenting tips, pre natal information, camps, events, workshops and much more!

Queries related to Parenting issues are most welcome. So, come let's share & learn, connect and interact.

Note: Raising Smart Kids doesn't entertain/endorse any kind of product / services which are not related with kids learning experience.

It's Mom Made - Facebook Group


8,174 members

Managed by Shalini Nautiyal


While I started this group as group for discussing baby food related queries and post recipes, I started getting many queries outside of food topic as well. Since the whole porpose at the end is to help each other (we are now a group of 1700+ moms) I discussed with my friend and admin in this group Zara and made that change here and hence now we can discuss/ask/suggest/help each other about anything and everything related to babies, toddlers, kids.

This is a group where all mommies can post any queries/suggestions related to babies, food recipes they prepare for their little ones starting age 5 months plus :)

While my expertise as of now is for toddlers, there are moms of infants and kids who share their experiences and recipes as well.

'The whole sole purpose is to share :) After all if its mom made, its made with love.

Smart Moms Make Smart Kids - Facebook Groups

Smart moms Make smart kids

11,009 members

Managed by Madhulika Goyal Gupta


Share your ideas, tips and tricks you use to make your kids smarter. Discuss the activities you involve your kids in and any special material you use for improving the thinking power of your children.

Hello Mommies - Facebook Group

Hello Mommies

3,625 members

Managed by Shagun Udhas


What is hello mommies about - Hello Mommies was created about a year ago while trying to find some answers about what motherhood really is? Lost like Alice in the woods , I had no clue how to raise a baby specially since we live outside India without the elderly support much required. Hello Mommies has been created for all of us to come together and share the wonderful moments, the joys and yes the pains ( there is umpteen amount of that as well) and be comforted that we are not alone in this beautiful journey called " Motherhood".Share all you can with the new mommies like myself and support each other to get through this lovely phase with a bit of humor , some salt and lots of pepper... Post a holiday package, or a nice brunch place or a outfit you picked up at bargain or some steal deals that we mommies could benefit from... Let this page not be just about you being a mommy!