Our Contributors

Our Panel of Contributors comprise the who's-who of the mom-baby-parenting space. As highly committed and passionate bloggers and entrepreneurs, they determine the spirit of BabyChakra. Check out their blogs on a wide-set of topics relevant for the urban, mom-about-town. They write from their heart (and their gut) and its always fun to read their honest take on mommy-hood!

  • Aloka Mehta Gambhir Aloka Mehta Gambhir

    Wholesome Mamma (Aloka Mehta Gambhir), our contributor, is the mom of a toddler, a blogger, and a passionate advocate of an intuitive and natural lifestyle that believes in trusting your instincts instead of listening to hearsay and conventional wisdom.

    She blogs about parenting and eating from an evolutionary perspective and encourages you to question the rules. 

    You can check out her blog at

  • Amrita Balachandran Amrita Balachandran

    Amrita Balachandran, our contributor, has a doctorate degree in molecular biology from the University of Pittsburgh. She was raised in Mumbai, Kochi, in Lagos, Nigeria, and has lived in the US for over thirteen years as a student and working professional.

    She and her husband are expecting their first child this year. She's taken a few months off to prepare for her baby’s arrival and to spend time with him during his early childhood.

    Being pregnant abroad, she's been curious to understand whether there are significant differences in the prenatal experience of moms-to-be in the US and India! Check out her blog on her experiences as an Indian mum in the US. 

  • Amruta Ramsubramaniam Amruta Ramsubramaniam

    Amruta Ramsubramaniam, our contributor, heads Marketing & PR for an International Skincare Brand. She is a Biotechnology graduate and has a post-graduation in Cosmetology. 

    According to her, her most important qualification is that of a ‘mother’! As a first time mom to her adorable baby boy, Ritwik, she blogs about being a mom and educating her child.  She is passionate about the concept of Montessori and engages in well-researched Montessori-inspired shelf activities for her baby.  

    She V-logs on Youtube ( about her shelf work to share new concept & ideas with other new mommies. She is excited to contribute to BabyChakra and join a community of amazing contributors.

  • Dhara Mehta Dhara Mehta

    Dhara Mehta, our contributor, is an M.B.A. by qualification as well as a certified Early Childhood Care and Education provider. She is the mommy to a 6 year old inquisitive child and founder of ‘The Kids Company’, an intelligence building activity centre that integrates learning with fun.

     She strongly believes that PLAY is the best educational tool an adult could have at his disposal for teaching a child.

    Apart from conducting regular sessions at multiple centres in the suburbs of Mumbai, she also conducts short intellectually stimulating fun filled workshops.

    She'd love to have you check out any of her session and see the smiling faces: her biggest testimony! You could check out more on or reach out to her at

  • Hashmin Currimbhoy Hashmin Currimbhoy

    Hashmin Currimbhoy, our contributor, is the founder of Hipa Kids.

    She started her career 15 years ago and developed a Creative Movement and Dance curriculum that spread across various preschools across India.  The curriculum relies on the entire process of developing co-ordination, skills, music and movement rhythm mixed with loads of fun.

    Making a difference in a child's life by introducing dancing and happiness is her main goal.

  • Nameeta Sohoni Nameeta Sohoni

    Nameeta Sohoni, our contributor, is the mum to a fast growing toddler and a very popular baby/toddler food blogger. 

    Nameeta's blog, called NomNomMum, was conceived with the idea to document her son's growing food journey right from purees and cereals to finger food and much more. It captures her constant endeavor to feed her child healthy 'home-made' food. It reflects her strong belief in fresh healthy home food trumping packaged or fast food any day.  

    You could read more about her culinary journey and how nutritive food can be yum and fun as well on!

  • Rashmee Bhatia Gajra Rashmee Bhatia Gajra

    Rashmee Bhatia Gajra, is an architect by profession and a mom of two boys. She is passionate about Babywearing & Breastfeeding. She firmly believes that these two aspects of nurturing make a huge difference to the baby and parent alike and are the foundation to raise independent strong resilient children.

    She breastfed her preemie baby against all odds but couldn't gently babywear her firstborn. That changed with her second son and she was able to breastfeed and babywear till he was almost 2.5. 

    To share the knowledge & benefits of amazing Babywearing - she now makes gentle Babywearing possible through Anmol Wraps (a wrap styled ergonomic babycarrier) that can be used for a baby from 0 days old to a toddler. She also runs the Mumbai Sling Library (a pop up library) to encourage parents to try out different kinds of ergonomic babycarriers. 

  • Shabia Walia Shabia Walia

    Shabia Ravi Walia, our contributor, is the Founder and Owner of 'Tattva'. 'Tattva’ is a natural quality product line which young, old and babies can use without any fear of side effects of harsh chemicals.

    Shabia has had a multi-faceted career. She has written a bestselling book ‘Mamma Mania’ ( based on the birth of her baby Sia. She has worked in production, creative direction and writing for the last 20 years. Some of her shows include Surabhi, The Good Food Guide, Movers and Shakers, Kumkum and many more.

    Shabia lives in Mumbai with her husband Ravi and her daughter Sia. She can be reached on

  • Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa

    Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa, our contributor, has a masters in Public Health from Columbia University, a degree in economics and psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, and three kids-husband, her puppy and now her baby boy.

    She is currently on a short break from work to spend time with her son and to pack up and move to Mumbai after a decade between New York and Philadelphia. She has been stealing time between baby catnaps to start Mommy Knows, a blog with helpful tips and tricks for new parents everywhere

    To discover some of these parenting gems aimed at making your life easier as a new parent, read Mommy Knows on Tanya can also be reached by email at

  • Umaima Umaima

    Umaima, is a Stay at home mom of a 2.5 yr old boy who blogs in her free time to share her kitchen experiences as a mother & to keep her sanity intact. A certified chef and recipe developer, she has worked with renowned cookery author Tarla Dalal. Umaima has taught at cookery schools and worked as a food writer on print media and online media. Umaima is thrilled to come onboard the BabyChakra team of contributors!

    You can check out her blog at

  • Disha Khanna Disha Khanna

    Disha Khanna, a former fashion writer with Femina and assistant style editor with People magazine, left the world of fashion and glamour as she strongly believes in an alternate method of education. She is a certified Montessori directress from Association Montessori Internationale, Amsterdam. She currently teaches at the American School of Bombay, working with children from across the world. These experiences have helped her get new perspectives on global teaching techniques and strategies. Using her insights into child development and alternate education, Disha plans to start her own school, Sharda Montessori, in the near future.

  • Huzannah Banajee Joseph Huzannah Banajee Joseph

    Huzannah Banajee Joseph (psychologist & certified canine behaviourist), has been in the field of psychology and dog training for almost 10 years. In addition to handling difficult cases in dog behaviour, her expertise and area of passion is to help kids and dogs understand each other better.

    She enjoys empowering kids to interact sensitively, safely and compassionately with dogs via the ‘Be a Tree’ program which she runs in India for the internationally renowned organization, Doggone Safe.

    She is also an internationally licensed parent educator for the ‘Family Paws Parent Education’ Organization, and runs their two programs, ‘Dogs & Storks’ and ‘Dogs & Toddlers’. She helps expecting and new families with dogs prepare for the arrival of the baby, as well as helps them all grow together as a family through the different phases of toddlerhood.

  • Payal Payal

    Payal, is the mother of twins: so double the excitement at home every single day. Payal will be writing in her experiences (from the front row!) on raising twins through her love for babywearing, gently parenting & healthy living. She is excited by the opportunity to create and support a community for other mommies to connect on at BabyChakra! You can check her blog at

  • Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan

    Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan, our contributor, is the founder of, a website dedicated to parents who want to explore the world with their children. Kaamna's kids are six and three and have been around the globe.

    In 2012, Kaamna published The Giant Book of 'How-To' Lists for the New Dad, the only book for new fathers written by a mum. Kaamna found that while new mothers are given tons of advice and support through their pregnancies and beyond, fathers are offered nothing more than a beer and a spreadsheet for financial planning. Through this concise and humorous book, Kaamna hopes to help new fathers everywhere avoid unnecessary puzzlement and repeated nights on the couch.