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My Birth Story...

Nine months went like a breeze, one of the most beautiful phases of my life. The wait was going to be over soon, I was eagerly waiting to see my baby but as soon the delivery date started approaching, I was anxious, scared and excited at the same time.

My due date was on 6th January and there was no sign of labour. I went for a check-up, doctor said that baby is in down position but I am yet to dilate, so we can wait for a week more. Now, I was very scared to go for C-section as I worked hard for vaginal delivery (that is a whole different story will share it in another post).

As it was Sunday, we decided to go for a movie on 7th Jan, followed with dinner.

Half way through the movie, I started getting pain but I wasn't sure it was labour as it was not frequent and that painful. We finished dinner, I was feeling uncomfortable, my back was paining, so went to bed early but I was getting mild pain (like in periods).

On 8th morning, the pain started increasing, it was feeling like contraction but was not frequent and as my husband is little overprotective, so we visited to doctor, she did the check-up, it was contraction but not very strong. She gave me two option, one – Get admitted and they will induce pain or wait for natural pain (but as my due date was over, she said just come daily for check-up), I had a friend who recently gave still birth as she passed her due date and also read online. We both decided that getting admit was risk free option.

I came home, took shower, picked up my already packed hospital bag and left home. Got admit in hospital and the whole pain process started, they inserted some pessary into my vagina. They suggested me to keep walking, I did that it was getting painful but had to do it.

Day 1 passed, now Day 2, they checked again and as my contraction was not strong, they started a drip now the intensity of contraction increased, same walking, squatting and drinking different concoction of herbs to help, I did everything suggested by nurse, mom and relatives as I was in no mood to argue with anyone. Some suggested to drink Castor Oil but my hubby was totally against it and thank god, he was there all the time.

My baby was going strong with 140-152 bpm heartbeat, he was happy inside and seeing how mom is going crazy with all this advice's. The whole day, I was getting contraction and dilated 2 cm. I hate the part when doctor comes and check how much you are dilated; it was more painful than the contraction.

Day 2 passed, my nurse came early morning around 4 am and gave me some injections as I was asleep, now the real game started. Contraction was progressively stronger and more frequent; it was getting painful but I was walking as that's what everyone around suggesting me that it will help for vaginal delivery.

While walking, I could feel water leaking down there, nurse said your water broke now soon you will deliver. It was around 11 pm, the pain started getting to me. They checked, I was only 3 cm dilated but pain was unbearable, I was just crying as I knew no point in screaming. I was already tired and exhausted with being 3 days in hospital.

I overheard the head nurse, she suggested the doctor to do C-section as baby was big, but my doctor said we will wait as baby heartbeat was normal and my first. (He was having gala time inside my womb). I was so tired, feeling like I will faint any moment, the pain was getting on my nerve and plus the internal check-up more painful.

My husband was insisting on C-section but I told him, already took this pain for 3 days just few more hours and then let the doctor decide as I had complete faith in her. I was fine, my BP was normal and also my baby was doing fine, so why to rush.

Till 3:30 pm, which was almost 12 hours of pain, they came to check again to see how much I had dilated, it was still 3 cm. My doctor asked will you be able to take this pain for an hour more, I nodded yes. She said if nothing progress than will do C-section. Now, the pain was at its peak, I was not able to sit stand or do anything, my brain stopped.

I told my hubby to tell every to keep quiet as I don't want any advice. My head was heavy and feeling dizzy, I sat on my bed, holding his hand and just closed my eyes trying to be calm. I was cursing myself why I agreed to take this pain for one more hour, I started shouting on him that go and tell doctor to do C-section as I am done with it, I need this to stop. I want this thing out of me now, was crying with pain. I felt why on earth, I decided to go through this. I can't express in words how I felt at that moment.

At 4:30 pm, my husband informed the doctor, she came by 5:00 pm till then I was almost died. She checked, no progress and decided for a C-section. I was like do anything but stop this pain, I can't take this a minute more. My husband decided to accompany me for delivery as he knows I hate doctors and the whole blood thing make me dizzy.

I remember as I sat on the operation table, I was getting this painful contraction and my doctor was explaining me about the anesthesia injection which they give in spinal, in my mind I was saying " Just shut up and give that F***king injection, so this pain stop". I forgot about baby and everything else only thing was on my mind was “STOP THIS PAIN“.

As soon she injected me, which according to my friends was painful but nothing in front of that contraction pain, once the anaesthesia started working, I felt better in true sense at peace. I saw the whole C-section process thanks to the mirror ceiling on top.

At 5:26 pm, my son Rajveer arrived in this world and he was 4:00 kg big and tall baby, when the doctor kept him on my chest as soon, he was out, I saw him and felt this was worth of all the pain and agony. I started crying and was happy, that this pain is over now. Little did I know; this has just started and more is yet to come. I was taken to my room after few hours, I breastfed my son (soon will share about my breast-feeding experience (Challenges), so do follow me on #notsoperfectmummy .) and then we both slept like a baby.

I was holding my womb sleeping all those nine months and now holding this tiny munchkin, can’t explain the feeling, after all this pain motherhood is still a bliss.

I had experienced both the pain of natural birth and post-delivery C-section, both are painful process, so don't judge a mother on the basis of how the baby was deliver. Giving birth to a human being itself is a big thing as the whole process of pregnancy and delivery makes a woman go through so much.

Most of the time, things don't happen as we plan and they delivery happens as per the medical condition and circumstances, so stop asking every woman how was baby delivered Normal ya C-section, using word normal itself make the C-section abnormal, so next time when you go to meet a mother, ask her was it Vaginal or C-section and If you avoid this question all together it will be best, Just asked how is she feeling ?? Definitely, she will feel much better.

That’s was my one long labour story, soon will share the post-partum details as well.

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Do comment and share your labour story, also if you have any question.

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Wow!!! What a story! Thanks for sharing this with us. Please do share care during c section and normal delivery tips too

Wow.. that's such an amazing story

Awww ..such a lovely story dear...sorry not story. Ur experience shared so beautifully and expressed in so much emotion 🥰🤗🤗

Awee beautiful story..thnc for sharing waiting for ur next post..

Wow beautiful story

Aww lovely story...

Such a touching post👍👍.Love it😘😘

Beautifully written each word speaks the emotions truely.

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