When BabyK got his first rash, little did I know that it was the beginning of a very fascinating journey into the world of #ClothDiapering , first as a user and then as a mompreneur.

During this journey, one thing that I learnt very quickly was that apart from safety of the diapers, ‘education’ was a very critical aspect of cloth diapering.

We, at Superbottoms, therefore ensure that our diapers are not just functionally awesome and fashionably designed, they are Safety Tested and Certified by one of the highest standards in baby care (CPSIA). We are in fact, India’s only cloth diaper brand to own this certification.

As for education, we have a brilliant team of mommies who are super passionate about cloth diapering and love to answer all the queries a new parent may have about cloth diapering.

Knowing basics of cloth diapering, and getting it right, is very important. So if you have any queries on cloth diapering, ask away and I will be happy to answer them all

#MompreneurTakeOver #Superbottoms

Go ahead! Akshaya Naresh Rebecca Prakash Sachi Singhal Neha Singla Shiny Vincent

Thanks for the tag priya!
Pallavi Utagi Am an expecting mother.Would like to know from when exactly would it be apt to start using cloth diapers on babies?

Akshaya Naresh you can begin cloth diapering with newborn diapers around 15th day. that is when baby's umbilical cord mostly dries up and you can begin using CDs

Thank you! nancy singh Pooja Sneha Khandait Deshmukh Priyanka Maheshwari #tagfwd

Hey, this is great info,i thought i cud start at day 1 with cloth diapering..eager to see your products, do tag the site where its available..

ritu singhal actually they are available right here on BabyChakra too.
They ship from our own warehouse so by buying from BabyChakra, you can be sure of 100% genuine product.

thanks pallavi

hi Pallavi Utagi dis s nayeemaajaz great job go head

thank you Naima  <3

hii Pallavi Utagi...my baby is now nine months old..m buy this product now and used it but i saw leakage..i dont know why..so plz give some precautions or suggest tht how to wear in proper way??

hi Sangeeta-
cloth diapering takes a little bit of learning to get it right.
so leaks could be a function of fit or wash routine.
1. please share pictures on wearing diaper with us on our helpline 9819313426 and we will help you with the fit as required.
2. how many times has the diaper been washed and what type do you have?
3. what is your wash routine like?
please share this information and we will be happy to sort out the issue :)

after purchasing 4 timed washed thn used it..once use it and after two hrs it leaked..
  Superbottoms Plus All-In-One diaper (Horn Ok Please) i used..

hi Pallavi Utagi  even I purchased from baby Chakra only but my baby doesn't want wear what to do help me n I feel it's becoming tight or what it was written there 0 to 36 months

Sangeeta Sihag  please send me fit pics as I told you on our helpline On whatsapp. it seems like a fit issue

ok sure Pallavi Utagi..

Shikha Anurag which diaper do you have? the free size diapers fit babies up-to 17 kg For sure.  we have a lot of parents using them for 3 year olds too. my own son can still fit into them :)
he is almost 4.
Is it the Newborn one you have got by mistake? please open all snaps and put it on

thanks for the tag Akshaya Naresh
how much diaper free time is needed for 1.5 months baby ? i am moving to srinagar and its really cold from nov. can the baby be in diaper all the time ?

nancy Ideally we recommend giving 15-30 minutes of diaper free time between changes. so typically every 3-4 hours.
However, I can understand that during winters in north it can be challenging, so it is okay to keep baby in cloth diapers throughout too so long as your baby is comfortable in them. you can also apply a layer of coconut oil on skin before putting on the diaper.

it's free size I open allsnaps might be something wrong will check  pls tell me how to put properly

Shikha Anurag please send me pictures or call us on 9819313426 on whatsapp (video call)  and our team will help you figure out the issue

thanks a lot Pallavi Utagi

Pallavi Utagi my baby is 4mnths nw he is on disposable diapers since hid birth i wabt to start cloth diapering so could u plz sugguest me which one to buy as im new to cloth diapering i dnt knw any info abt it..

Aashi Nayyar Rosie Emerald Shipra Dang Kamalini Rao Komal Savaliya Shiny Vincent Preeti Cholkar Nasreen Mansoor Laxmi Shankar Shruthi Prem ask ur q's

pallavi - fun q - any awkward/funny incidents or challenges u faced while testing the initial product?!

and what were ur friends' & family's reaction to becoming a #diaperpreneur"...?!

Afsha Fathima while your baby may fit in the smaller newborn size too as of now, he will soon outgrow them. Will therefore recommend that you directly go for one size or free size diapers that will work till about 17 kg.
you can try the Superbottoms plus diaper because they are good in performance, trim and have customisable absorbency. once you get a hang of cloth diapering you can try other types like cover diapers.

Pallavi Utagi superbottoms  plus diaper last for hw many hours

Afsha Fathima it can last up-to 7-8 hours with 2 soakers and up-to 3-4 with 1

asha chaudhry I am engineer by qualification so when I declared that I will be selling diapers after studying electronics engineering, it was quite funny actually and people kept making fun of me.  one friend even nicknamed me 'pottypreneur'😂

Satyam Sharma

#pottypreneur is awesome! i think its great to be able to bring a green revolution and help ppl save money!

atleast how many CDs one should buy?

how to wash them? specially when it is spoiled with poop

Pooja begin with 1 or 2 and see how much of cloth diapering are you going to be doing. typically a parent who chooses to exclusively cloth diaper the baby needs 12-15 diapers (6-7 per day and a set to wash).
about washing - if baby poops, knock off the poo and wash like regular garments in machine or by hand using regular detergent like surf or Tide.

I bought 2 CD for new borns and they are very loose for my baby.. need help on how to use for my 3months old.

hey dear i really dont know anything about cloth diaper..Pallavi Utagi....my baby is almoast 3 months old..can i use cloth diaper for him? how can i use it....?i mean are the washable?if baby poop in the diaper how can i clean it?how long a diaper can b used? when should i change the diaper?and it may b very heavy by urine as it is cloth diaper?pls clear my all doubts....

Hello Pallavi Utagi .. can u pls share details for cloth diapering. I am new to this. Nd wanna try for my baby.. she is 15 months old now nd weight is 7.7kg.. which one to use? How to clean? Etc

Hi Pallavi.. could you please tell me exactly what is cloth diapering anf how can it be useful? I have a one month old baby and I use normal diapers on her. I also use langot at times. Is this the same what you mean?

Hey I wanna know how to use cloth diapers as I have 19months old baby and from where I can purchase

Hi fahmi for a 19 month baby you can go for one size diapers.; You can buy them right here on BabyChakra. Just search for Superbottoms, they are trim and work very well for 19 month babies.

Loveena Lalwani cloth diapering or advanced Cloth diapering is a concept that is a part of the natural parenting ideology.
Advanced Cloth diapers provide all the benefits of disposable diapers in the goodness of cloth.
They are stay-dry, give long hours absorbency, and are also completely waterproof.
Being all cloth, they are reusable and thus earth friendly too.
This is a popular concept internationally and is now getting popular in India.;
Cloth diapers are known to be more skin friendly, and also much more economical and ecofriendly compared to their disposable counterparts.

Hi pallavi, my baby is 6 days old and I'm really excited about your concept of cloth diapering. I have no knowledge on this. Can you please help me with how to go about using this for my daughter. Your response is highly appreciated.

Rramya congratulations on your new baby!; Hope both of you are doing great :)
Cloth diapers come in 2 sizes, newborn and one size.
The newborn size fits from 15 days to about 5 months.
And one size fits thereafter.
Will recommend that you go for newborn size diapers for now.; You can find them on Babaychakra itself.

Thanks Pallavi for such a quick turnaround. I have couple of questions.. what are these super bottoms, do I need to buy that as well? What is advanced cloth diaper? Can u please share the link for buying this in baby chakra?

Hi pallavi. I had a bad experience with cloth diaper of another brand.pls can u send me the product details clearly.

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