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♈ Aries: You’re in the mood for some meditation today or some deeper consciousness and awareness. You definitely have Yin Yang in your cards and that indicates that you are heading for some kind of a balance in your life. You have been through some out of balance experiences recently but you are getting on your group to move forward. You need to remember who you are and you need to know your powers. Sometimes you start believing otherwise and it blocks your growth. you must take dancing or any form of sport Which physically challenges you and helps you Release all the energy. You have this pent up energy and emotions in you which needs to be directed in the right path. Black and white are your lucky colors today.

♉ Taurus: A lot of you are feeling better in your health today and you are healing from some past ailment or some physical challenges. it’s time for you to embrace this healing and share your experience with a lot of people and help them to get the right path as you did. Show a lot of compassion to yourself and to everybody around you as what you have experienced has made you a bit hardened inside. Do you remember that it was just an experience and not your entire life and the coming days are full of healing, great health and divine blessing. Try to keep away from negative people as you look to be a victim of evil Eye also. Yellow and blue are your lucky colors today.

♊ Gemini: Do not hold back right now, the timing is perfect and you’re ready to soar. There is a massive change that is happening in your cycle and this is taking you to hide that you have not even imagined. Don’t look back and don’t grieve for any support from anyone. The divine is supporting you and sometimes you may feel a bit misunderstood or not nurtured enough by the people around you but the fact of the matter is that you have to focus on what the creator has already decided to gift you. All the circus that you feel around you will come down and your work will go in an auto pilot mode and you’ll be able to focus on growth and success. Purple and brown are your lucky colors today.

♋ Cancer: You feel a bit of a stuck up or you feel a bit conditioned today. No matter how much you are trying to shift your consciousness and become less sensitive and less emotional time to time you find yourself still struggling for the from those emotional conditioning. You are very close to completing some project and it is not the time for you to get emotionally vulnerable. Let go of all your worries do you guarding angels and you just focus on your work as this project that you are about to finish will get you immense success and many more opportunities. must walk on the green grass barefoot and water some plants around you as that can be very therapeutic and will make you green from within. Green and orange are your lucky colors today.

♌ Leo: You are a bit stressed out today related to your money and abundance. You are expecting some money to come from some partnership or some business that you’ve done in the past but it seems like you’re juggling too many things and not able to finish your act. It is very stressful for you to figure out how you are going to get this money I am going to suggest you to come down sit at one place and don’t chase it for another two days because then you will get the clarity and you will get a proper plan how to do it and who can actually help you navigate this entire participation of people to help you. You have a lot of arguments and conflicts in your family, But if you just try to be a little sensitive to everyone you will see how the arguments and conflicts will be resolved soon. Royal blue and gold are your lucky colors today.

♍ Virgo: Your soon going to be attending some wedding or some parties and that invitation is stressing you out to bed. You’re not too sure if you should be attending or not attending as you are not so keen on meeting some people at these celebrations. Please notice the loving guidance that you hear from your inner self and from other people around you. I think you should just go ahead and do what you need to do for your happiness and your entertainment. I don’t see any kind of a conflict or uncomfortable situation occurring when you are at the celebrations facing the people you don’t want to face. I see everybody extremely cordial and putting Apple happy face and you will be comfortable. Maroon and yellow are your lucky colors today.

♎ Libra: You are slightly irritated today because you have been compared. Maybe at your work your boss is comparing you with your other colleagues or at home you are being compared by your sibling or some other relative. Anyhow it is really annoying you and you are in a very feisty and fiery mood. Just relax and be gentle to yourself surround yourself with gentle people and gentle situations. Even if people are comparing you and you feel belittled just go indifferent about it right now and no matter what the other person is comparing you to you should know who you are and Where you belong. Green and beige are your lucky colors today.

♏ Scorpio: You know what to do, trust her in knowledge and act upon it without any delay. There is a lot of new vision new ideas and new plans that are coming your way every day. You have to listen to your intervoice and startsspreading your wings now you’re in the right direction where your work is concerned but why your health is concerned I am not too happy with your energy levels. You could be ignoring your food or probably your minerals and protein intake is making you a bit lethargic. Get your blood count check and check if vitamin D and iron are OK. A lot of green leafy vegetables and time to time do some charity also on every Wednesday as this will remove all the evil eye that you received from people around you. Gold and indigo blue are your lucky colors today.

♐ Sagittarius: What a fantastic day today for you you are moving so fast suddenly in 24 hours on your migration plan. Some energy has drastically changed and till yesterday you had no idea how the day will unfold and you will be on a new plan and probably start planning to migrate to an absolute new country new continent. This change of plan is for your highest good and a lot of you are even planning or shifting to a new home. It is the universe which is forcing you to take these changes for your highest good as this planetary position suggests new beginning. Have a lot of flower therapy around you surround yourself with fresh flowers specially pink in color as they will bring some abundance in your life. Pink and black are your lucky colors today.

♑ Capricorn: You feel a bit isolated and lonely today you are putting up a brief face and moving forward but you feel very lonely and a bit vulnerable. Your spiritual side needs to be awaken fully so that you can see heavenly love and not crave for this artificial love around you. You have genuine love and genuine people in your life who care for you from the bottom of their heart. And you know that you don’t need to have a superficial lifestyle or friends. You have a great virtue and belief system and it is very difficult for you to be doing Smalltalk or being artificial. Sometimes a little loneliness and isolation is not bad as it helps us to look within us and get more aware of who we are. Baby pink and brown now your lucky colors today.

♒ Aqarius: You are a natural counselor today and many people will benefit from your guidance and reassurance. This is a position coming from the creator to you as you are going to guide a friend today in his or her personal life and your words will be literally from the source. You are at a very high consciousness today and your guidance is going to heal a lot of people. So don’t hold back and help your friends and family and give them that wisdom and support that they need from you. Today is definitely not a day for you to be detached or indifferent as you have got some responsibility by the creator. Pink and yellow are your lucky colors today.

♓ Pisces: Do you trying very hard to create a new life for yourself as I see a lot of you coming out of some relationships and some past traumas. You keep having these setbacks and you find yourself extremely exhausted mentally and physically. Notice how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and capitalize on these cycles. You need to very closely watch your life and your mood swings from new moon to full moon and from full moon to new moon and then plan a strategy. In the coming days your zodiac is Guided by the mother moon and once you understand this pattern of the moon cycles you will be able to create a life for yourself with better state of mind. You need to have a healthy diet as I see you over eating or under eating which is also affecting your sleep patterns and your moods. light blue and silver are your lucky colors today.

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