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♈ Aries:  You have to listen to your inner voice and motivate yourself. You feel you are an outsider and your door is closed and you cannot open the door of opportunities, it is true that the door is closed but I promise you it is not locked. You have to concentrate on how to just push the door open and don’t procrastinate. Trust and follow your renewed passion in your love life and in your career. It is all about new energies and new opportunities. don’t be a rebel without a cause and put all this energy that you have built up inside of you and creating and mastering in your craft. You are extremely creative and passionate and you must put up a positive fight in order to be successful. Burgundy red and gold are your lucky colors today.

♉ Taurus: You’re going to get a massive spiritual understanding today and you will understand the truth within you. Stay very rooted and grounded today as the source is behind you and you are very close to a massive breakthrough in your life. Compare your own life from your past and make sure this time you do not repeat the same mistakes which you have done before and control your vulnerabilities because they get the better of you. Whether it’s work or relationships both the only blossom ones you have a balanced attitude towards both of them in your mind and heart. You overdo things or under do them but now you have understood how to live a green balance life. Yellow and red are your lucky colors today.

♊ Gemini: Abundance card comes for you almost every day and today you even have the card of new vision with abundance. But I do definitely see a lot of disturbance in your love life and you really don’t know how to solve this. You feel you’re fighting of all because you both are totally talking and thinking things differently. There’s a lot of pacific resonates around you and you don’t know how to deal with it as you would really appreciate a direct and a straight conversation from your number. You just have to except your partners the way he or she wants to handle the things and you concentrate on your blessings. You will receive some loving blessings from the heaven today and you will get some signs of those people who have passed on. purple and pink are your lucky colors today.

♋ Cancer: Being one of the most sensitive zodiacs the only and the biggest sorrow that you have is in your love life and loneliness. But your cards are beautiful and it seems that the guarding angels are helping you with your spiritual soulmate relationship and soon your dream will be fulfilled and you will be in the arms of your lover. Just love yourself till then and have a very carefree playful attitude and have gratitude to the universe for everything that you have. Dancing is very therapeutic for you so I would suggest every day at least one hour of dancing as this will open up your chakras and aligned them. Blue and white are your lucky colors today.

♌ Leo: You get very low and depressed if your love life is not on track, you definitely have some disturbance going on at home with your family members or your spouse and that is definitely causing you laziness and depression. You cannot concentrate on your work or on your children also and this is not a good state of mind to be in. You have to allow your own self to resolve conflicts and arguments. You control a lot of your own self and don’t allow yourself to do the right thing at the right time. You have to create a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind and you need to do things which need to be done and suppress the ego. Royal blue and gold are your lucky colors today.

♍ Virgo: You love traveling and you never miss a chance to travel. Your cage is completely open and in every conscious beat you always want to fly high. I see a travel path this time this travel is related to a career transition and it’s triggering to a blessed career change. Do you want to start a new business or a new association and for that you are quite open to travel a little far and explore your options. I think it’s a brilliant idea and it’ll pay off plus it’ll give you a nice shift in the energy and you will come back with a refreshed mind and stronger energy circle around you. You must meditate every day for 40 minutes so that you can get some clarity and you can listen to your inner voice and stay connected to your intuition. Red and white are your lucky colors today.

♎ Libra: Do you want to pick up a new course or do you want to learn something new, your mind is craving for some kind of knowledge or education. I think you may pick up a new language course or maybe some new holistic science workshop. all your cards are about teaching and learning in order to let go of some hope of your life which you have been very stressed about for quite some time, and finally you have decided to let go of it and you have made peace with the universe but to heal from this you definitely have this brilliant idea of learning some thing. Learning always heals a very strong part of our subconscious and knowledge liberators. I see some kind of a commitment for at least 3 to 4 months that you will make and you will be very surprised when this ability that you will explore in you. Orange and brown are your lucky colors today.

♏ Scorpio: Be courageous and stand up for your beliefs and that is the most important thing for you to heal and fix anything and everything that is unbalanced in your life. Act maturely and control your emotions in the coming days as I see some big changes coming. You are really participating and making a lot of new connections with a lot of people in order to move forward and it is giving you a lot of hope and harmony. Your love life is also on a good note and you can feel very relaxed about the communication and conversations you are having with your lover. It is kind of giving you a lot of support and strength and you are ready to soar. Blue and green Are your lucky colors today.

♐ Sagittarius: Go outside, get some fresh air, and connect with the nature to relieve stress and gain new, creative ideas. It is time for you to create a new adventure for yourself and have a plan with your finances. You know every time it is not important that we make a lot of money and we become rich, if your accounts are weak or your spending pattern is a regular no matter how much success you have or how much money you make you’ll always find yourself in a financial crunch. You must hire somebody to see in your finances and help you do your accounts. And you will see how you will blossom and grow by every passing day as accounts are the backbone of a good healthy financial life. Royal blue and light green are your lucky colors today.

♑ Capricorn: We have entered the weekend and clearly you are enjoying your weekend, I see a lot of invites for probably dinners or parties and you are going to participate in all of them. Just make sure that you enjoy the celebrations and avoid gossip in big gatherings as in the near future I see you feeling very intense and helpless. People sometimes are very happy to throw other people under the bus and act innocent. But we cannot forever blame those people because we have to at some point learn to protect ourselves from such people as they are all around and learn to keep our mouths close. Be morally very high and enjoy the celebrations enjoy your weekend and stay comfortable. Dark pink and gold are your lucky colors today.

♒ Aqarius: All is well, everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to, with hidden blessings you will soon understand. You’re in a place of nothingness and you are absolutely feeling very blank and you’re feeling everything around you is extremely ordinary and you are coming to a dead end where your work is concerned. It is not true and you will see in the next 5 to 8 days how things will start changing and moving in a higher in better direction. You are just going through a transition and it’s a good transition because things are just in a place of nothingness but they are not bad at all sometimes blank space is not a bad space as it is creating a different consciousness for you. Soon the ordinary situation will turn into extraordinary. Black and white are your lucky colors today.

♓ Pisces: Take back your power, use your God-given power and intention to manifest blessings in your life. You are in the transition of rebirth and you have already entered the cycle but please remember even when a child is in the womb of a mother he or she takes nine months or more to take life. So you will also have to give some time to the universe to give you rebirth in this bird and change the cycle of life beyond you can even imagine. But this can only happen with a lot of patients as I am seeing that the transition cycle has begun and will last for a few months and the massive changes will be seen. October 2022. Try to meditate every day for at least 40 minutes and do some donation every Thursday to the Needy. Purple and yellow are your lucky colors today.

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