Being a first time Mother is truly amazing as well as challenging when it comes to taking care of your baby's health.

Well I was away from BabyChakra for a quiet a long time reason being Eva's health. We were on a roller coaster ride from last 2 months, this was supposed to be the best months of the year for us specially because of the newest addition to our family but unfortunately it turned out to be the toughest for both me and Eva, She was down with an infection or you may say a skin allergy called Impetigo where in her face and various body parts were covered with blisters which were itchy and she was suffering, we went to many doctors but none of the medicines seemed to be working for her or nobody could make us understood what this really was finally we found our perfect paediatrician who made us understood what it is and how it could be treated and there's nothing to worry, but he had to start antibiotics to her, Thankfully we saw improvement in her within a week, the doc was such an amazing person that he saw my sadness and said ma'am it's non of your fault and this could happen to a perfectly healthy skin and a perfectly healthy baby so just don't worry those magical words worked wonders for me as well, I started seeing myself as a better mom because people around me (not the family of course) neighbours, visitors etc kept saying this must be because of something that you ate or woolen or water that you use or bla bla bla which made me feel pathetic about myself.;;;

But excuse me people being a mother you will do best for your kid no matter what, I never ate anything that would cause my baby trouble even if feel like having whatsoever, I have always used the best cloth detergent for baby and the best environment she can be kept in. One night when I was holding Eva and crying looking at her face my hubby woke and scolded me said you cannot cry holding such a beautiful baby in your arms can't you see she is sleeping peacefully and she is always and will always be beautiful as ever I know your concern is about her health and specially her face, He said You are the best women and mother one could ever ask for, It's none of your fault. We started Praying for her holding our hands and it she started coming back to normal health day after day. She is all fine now and is happy as ever. Of course she was cranky and always needed me during those days didn't allow me to go away for a second to be honest there were days where I could not sleep for a minute but it's ok.

I know She has suffered but it has made her even stronger, she lost her weight a bit but is healthy and smiling. That's all I wish for.

First 2 pictures are of Christmas Celebration days and the last pic is of Hubby and Eva, This baby carrier came as a saviour for me during those days when Eva wanted to be in my arms 24×7 , I held her facing mine but hubby likes it front facing as seen in the pic, He is practicing these days to carry her in this. They both enjoy their Carrier Time.❤️😍😘

Sorry for missing out on so many posts and tags. I will try my level best to be available here on the app. Thanks so much; to all those beautiful mommas for your prayers and concerns Specially to asha Di and darling nancy singh 🤗🤗😘. #LifeWithTheLittle #Eva &Mum #ChallengingDays #Overcomingfears

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Be strong Shiny..Healing hugs♡♡♡
Hope Eva is doing good now...Lots of love to Eva :*

OMG hey Shiny Vincent how's Evelyn now? And How are you baby? Take care god bless you

Glad Shiny it's getting better for Eva, and she is such cutie pie in these pics.

Howz eva now ?? Be strong shiny... Take care of cutiee eva...

Hope Eva is doing better now.. take care Shiny Vincent .. it is heart wrenching to see kid suffer 😢😢

Lots of love and blessings for Eva...

Hope she is better now.. She is a piece of heaven.. Lots of love to your princess

Be strong n tk care f ur baby first. N u r an amazing mom.so never feel low bout urself. God bless little Eva. Take care ☺️

Omg,shiny,hugs to you dear,it really need a lot of strength to see ur baby suffering and as a mother,you always do ur best..love to the child,hope she is doing fine now,do share how was she cured when u get time..blessings ur way dear😘

Thankyou so much everyone, She's all good now. All the blisters are gone and her face is glowing like before ❤️😍😍😍... Thanks for all of urs love n support.

Evelyn the fairy queen ....
Lots of love your way ...;
Your mom is a cutie pie and a rockstar .. you are always in my prayers ...; mumma will do her best for you darling ...
Shiny cutie patootie you shouldn't cry... Eva is a strong baby of stronger momma..; god is there to protect you..;;;; blessings your way both my cutiepatooties

Shiny. .u r definitely an awesome mom n bcoz of ur awesomeness Eva is shining. .🤗

You are amazing mom. Keep up the spirit high.

How is Eva now dear?Take care of sweet Eva..

Thanks dear ones.

You are a strongmom💖

Hope Eva is better now.; May God bless her with good health.; Be strong.; Take care; lots of love to both of you

Hope Eva is doing good now.. lots of love and blessings to her..; u r a strong mom.. takr care Shiny Vincent

How z Eva now dear be strong shiny hugs to Eva n to you dear 😍😘

Hey little Eva loadzzz of love and hugs😘

Strong Mommy.. Ur little one is so cute.. T. C

Hey shiny m totally understand ur feelings dear..we are riding in same boat..happy to know tht u found a good pedia who help to treat ur baby's allergy... Sanvi is also have a kind of skin allergy and we are still facing it..😢😢😢

Oh dear don't worry every thing vl be fine soon.. if ur strong, baby vl also be fine. Take care.. good that darling Eva is getting better now..

Sangeeta(musicalmomy) dear sangeeta don't worry.. if not prediction can help , consult some skin specialist, or try homeopathy

my baby is sugfeting from same problem..even m searching for some gud doc

Felt so bad to know this shiny.lots of love to Eva nd a pat on D back to u! We moms rock!!! Got tears into my eyes while going through ur post. I can relate to ur pain of seeing your baby suffering. I felt exactly the same way when my baby had her 1st vaccination done nd her thigh ached like hell. Both me nd my hubby went into tears lookin at her crying her lungs out of that pain😟😔
Thank God eva is fine now. Blessings to cutie pie!

Sangeeta(musicalmomy) I agree with sowmya, it's very important to rule out the type or allergy she is facing, don't u worry dear. Everything will be fine. Hugs to you and sanvi. One thing is I'm very sure of and I understood is when we stay positive our babies get stronger and fight back with more positivity. And to you as well Artee Agrawal darling find a good pead or show a skin specialist,rule out the actual cause n problem n then start the treatment. It very important. And stay strong I understand it's very easy to say so and difficult to follow but let me be honest at my words I have been through so speaking through experience. Loads of love n hugs n bunch of positive vibes 🤗🤗😇

Thanks again everyone. Eva is all well now ❤️.

My God. This looks so painful. Take care of Eva and yourself too shiny.; And yes if you will be positive everything will be fine. Much love to you both...

Please tell more about this allergy as I m unaware of this term. Having info is good na.

Eva is such a beautiful doll no matter what and you will always be a fantastic mom , no matter what!! . . I am so happy she is on the path to recovery! Sending you many many blessings 💞 may love always shine on you and the baby! . .your husband is a keeper!! Love to your family 💞💞

This is my fav post of the day! Much love and blessings to all of u!!!

This is so sad .but sad has gone and many good is cominggg
Thank God!! She is better.... now btw she is soooo sweeet

Shiny Vincent; Hello dear.. how is baby doing now ??

Hey Sowmya Prithvi (sonu); thanks alot dear, she's absolutely fit n fine. Doing all the masti, just took this photo few hours ago before changing to night dress 😁.😘

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Wow.. feeling v.happy 😁 god bless u my dear baby😘😘have a nice sleep..

😘😘❣️Good night dear aunty from Eva.🤗🤗

I know I am late in replying to your wonderful post. Lots of love to little Eva. She is an angel😘😘😘 Shiny kudos to you for being such a wonderful mother. You made me realize that I am not doing anything extra ordinary.;; Ya right I loose my temper most of the time that I have to take care of my angel and have to do other household chores. But you surpassed such a touch time beautifully.;; God bless you and little Eva😍😍

God bless Eva and be strong shiny ,take care both of u

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