Kitchen secrets# 1. Bakinv soda if placed in a bowl in the last shelf of refrigerator helps keep bad odour at bay. 2. Sprouts can be used the first day and then used to make chilas, salads and a dry dish. 3. Methi leaves in excess can be wrapped in a paper and used in different gravies and dosas. 4. 5. Spinach leaves can be blanched and used in various curries, kababs, rice and Rotis. 6. Tomatoes best stored out in a cloth bag or left open. 7. Onion and potatoes can be separated and kept in mesh bags or nylon net bags. 8. Beans and carrot can be stocked in the fridge. 9. Coriander can be kept in a glass of water to retain its freshness. Change the water regularly. 10. Different flours like wheat, rice, gram flour, ragi can be stocked and used for different types of Rotis. 11. Curd can be kept in the fridge and lassi, curry, curd rice can be prepared. 12. Idli batter can be stocked and used upto 3-4 days. 13. Fruits like grapes, pineapples stay good in the fridge upto a week and can be used in different smoothies and juices. 14. Ginger garlic paste can be made and stored, like wise ginger and garlic can be stored in the fridge and basket respectively and used for different curries and ailments 15. Chilli, garam, masala, coriander, jeera powder can be ground and used for different curries. 16. Pickles, dry chutneys, green chutney (in freezer) can be stocked and used for meals and gravies, and sandwiches. 17. Coconut can be cut and kept in the freezer and used for different curries 18. Potatoes can be boiled and kept unpeeled upto 2-3 days and used in sandwiches, kababs, parotas and fries. 19. Eggs, bread can be kept and used in curries, side dish and sandwiches and toasts. 20. Dry fruits help to get rid of hunger pangs and they can be stocked and had too. Few nuts like cashews and badam can be roasted and ground and used in milk.

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