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So many times we experience those magical moments. Those moments bring out the Mom in Me. A soft touch on the cheek, a content smile, or a big hug. If you could capture your Moments of Motherhood here which moment would it be? That moment where you felt blessed to be a Mother. Share your story. One special magical moment will get a special surprise. Just because we believe in the magic of Motherhood!

Share your magical motherhood experience with #MagicMoment #MomInMe

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#mominme #momentsofmotherhood

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Siddireddy Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying) Priyanka Maheshwari Sheeba Vijesh Pooja asha chaudhry Priya Sood Neha Agarwal Neelima Gujjeti aditi manja Prachi Sumira Bhatia Rebecca Prakash Sheeba Rizvi Garima Singla Bhrukuti Mistry Yogini Kandre Richa Chowdhary Nilofer shaikh Priya Iyer Naiyya Saggi Neha Agarwal nancy singh Sheeba Vijesh Sheeba Rizvi Rakhi Pu beri (beautyofmommying) durga salvi Sonu Prithvi Zegna Fayas Ellora Mohanty Biswal Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) Harneet Khurana Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr. Payal M Foram; Rebecca Prakash Shipra Dang Akshaya Naresh Shiny Vincent Nisha Dayal Zeba Soudagar Roopashree Siddireddy Satyam Sharma Sangeeta Sihag(musicalmommy) Mamta Washist Prachi Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy) Sakshi Mahajan Richa Kaushik Nasreen Mansoor Pooja Dixit Gunjan Bhatla manvi bhandari Merline Thomson Yogini Kandre Priti Singh Amreen Parul Johari Sirisha Bhalla kanupriya dhingra sonia giri Garima Singla Gayatri Shipra Dang Sreya Sengupta Shweta Badwaik Deshmukh Sonam zarin Neha Kapoor Gill Nilofer Shaikh Khushboo Pitti Priya Yadav Nazia Hussain Shridevi Shilwant Nisha Dayal Urmila Gupta Rosh Tej Khushboo Pitti; Priti Singh Priya Sood Khushboo Chouhan Kartik Kujur Palisha Sawlani Ruth Timmy Verghese Ruchi Shrivastava Ruchi Srivastava Geethu Benny Ana Khan Vidya Rathod Neha Kapoor Gill Humera Mehtab priyanka sain Preethu Kaveti Komal Jangra Meena Patil Naina Kochar
Neeta Shetty Anitha Nair
Rashmi Ranjan Dwinkle Chauhan Kanika 07 Veda naveen ritu singhal Richa Kaushik Manasa Maheshasha chaudhry Foram nancy singh;Pooja Sheeba Vijesh Sonam patel Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Shiny Vincent  Shipra Dang  Rebecca Prakash  Akshaya Naresh Shruti Giri Richa Chowdhary Foram#128518;&##128518;. Satyam Sharma  Rebecca Prakash&

My recent memorable motherhood experience. I was having a very bad day. I was unwell and had to do the housework. No one was at home. I was resting on the bed when I felt my boy tug on to my t shirt. I opened my eyes. There I saw my boy holding a play with a wet apple and half eaten biscuits. He said " mommy I love you. " He put the plate on the bed and said "koi nahin ...you LL be all better. I LL take care of you!"
I love such magical mommy moments!!!!

There are so many but one incident which brought tears in my eyes was - last year I got operated for gall bladder stone and I had undergone the surgery for the same. My son used to come to hospital and see me with all drips and syringes.. once when nurse was changing the needle he started telling don’t hurt my mumma don’t touch her leave her. After 2 days when surgery was done he was sleeping on bed and doctors had to remove the blood pipe I cried because of pain. Suddenly he woke up kept seeing and later he was crying and hugged me.. mumma you will be fine.. let go back home today I don’t want you to stay here... I still can’t forgot those moments #mominme #momentsofmotherhood

So many times felt the magic :-)
Recent one when I said was not feeling well and my Diva went into the kitchen and got me a glass of Nimbu pani ..it was more refreshing than anything in this world !! I was almost into tears and could visualize my mom bringing it for me :-)

Yesterday I was making dinner in the kitchen for myself suddenly adhi come and drop the bartan which has dry atta in it, I was literally in tears that now who will pic it but suddenly he start collecting it with his little hands and he collated all the atta literally all into bowl. This little man surprise me so much 😘😘😘😘

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Very touching Richa Chowdhary !! They are our strength

Kavita Sahany girls are so precious...and boys too :)

Such an adorable pic Mrs Chhoker

My one and a half year old daughter is too much pampered by her dad, and I usually have to be the strict one out of both the parents.. she has just started blabbering few words, is extremely fond of her toffees, which are often a rare delicacy for her because I; don't encourage a splurge on sweet treats very often.. n that was one of those days when she got her favorite toffee to relish on, and I was in the kitchen, preparing dinner, when I suddenly felt two tiny hands tugging on my dress, and I look down to see my daughter offering her half eaten toffee to me saying "Mumma lo"! I was on the seventh moon that moment... She has always seen both of her parents eat everything together, sharing with each other, and she has also seen how much I love chocolates.. my small baby learnt her first lesson on sharing that day, that became such a proud moment for me as a Mom!!; #magicmoment #mominme #momentsofmotherhood

Being a mother of super hyper active kid where I have to be with him 24*7.. d kid who doesn’t get handled by anyone at home except me.. dat irritation n frustration do came in me but atlast d love which my baby showered in me the immense love is much more den any irritation or frustration.. i took a decision to quit my job n be a full time mother which id the bestest job den any other.. motherhood for me is totally a roller coaster ride but definitely i have spent each n every special moment with my kid n these are the most precious moments of my life.. n now we are the partners .. we go out for outings and enjoyy each other company alot

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Love the shades on both!!!

Thank you Priya Sood

So cute Adi Mrs Chhoker

That's so sweet Adhi ..

Many... Which one to mention, i am in confusion. One incident where in my girl was playing with me and saw a scar on my right hand and asked about it. I said..when i was kid, some hurt. She kissed and said..its fine. Later after 2 days, i was talking with my mom. She insisted to give her my mobile. She was asking my mom, " why you neglected my mom and have not taken care properly? My mom got hurt and you let it happen? " I was surprised that she remember and reasoning with my mom. Ha ha ha.

I had so many magical moments with my lovely daughter. After I conceived I had bad nausea and unable to go down to kitchen and have food. This little lady use; to run to kitchen and bring breakfast , lunch and dinner for me for so many days. Now as am alone need to wash ,pack and clean room. This little angel is helping me in the work. It's not one or two moments it's like life long magical moment I am gonna have with her.

Uncountable moments h but latest one is one week phle m feeling tired after doing lots of house hold work n said koi mko pyari(kiss)nhi krta m chote babu (toy)ko pyari krungi....my betu Jo wo toy se khel rha tha started crawling so fast n started kissing me ....

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Wow Roopashree Siddireddy kids are really gifts from god

Very medical moment for me when my kidoo walk slowly slowly and hold my hand then suddenly he said mamma ..I was shocked to much tears into my eyes I heared his own voice mamma...sach a wondered for me.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey. There is no end in this journey, it stays forever. It’s eternal. Often, children are so used to the fact that their mothers are always by their side. They take their mothers for granted. Mother’s as the name suggests are synonym for sacrifices. They always put their children’s wellbeing first that they even resort to lying for their children’s sake.;
Being a mother now I realise nobody prepared me for this time. Nobody told me of the heartache of the teenage years with a child, and nobody especially told me of the heart wrenchingly bittersweet moment in your child’s life when they grow up, and you watch them fly from the nest. I think that if someone had told me that, if there were a self help book about that, I would have most likely saved myself from years of heartache and years of headache, because this job does not come without risk. There are times that I want to cradle my child to me, There are times when I want to do this, and I have to stop myself sometimes, because I have to allow my child to run free, to experience life’s pains and joys all on their own. For, how else will they learn?; Parenthood is a life-long journey—and it’s also a life-long (often-painful) practice of letting one season go as a new season begins. It begins postpartum and doesn’t end on our eighteenth birthday or their high school graduation or when they leave for college or when they graduate from college or when they get married or even when they become parents themselves.
A few anecdotes from my articles, just shared with baby chakra family. For this one moment of cozy beautiful kiss and love , I can endure anything as mother. #magicmoment #mominme #momentsofmotherhood

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Sry for long post
Many...I am having two little princess one is 6 yrsvand another 3 months.. before the second I had miscarriage at 13 week s..my daughter was the pillar of support those days..I remember she was saying in hospital I will ask God to give me a sister soon..it happens .. every one including me wants son ..but don't know why she wants sister..god heard tat only..it was a high risk pregnancy..my daughter who would be cranky learn to do all things own..she even told her father not to disturb me you make dosa yourself..she would lend her chair whenever I sit in sofa to keep my legs..she would ask daily amma it's paining ah and kisses me

I have just breastfeed my jinku for 1 month n 15 days due to milk knot in my breast after surgery i thought i'll b able to breast feed him again but I was not able to produce milk during that period i thought me n my jinku will not have that bonding but whenever he wants to sleep he will sleep on my hand n very much close to me.still i cry for my previous thoughts and I m having high acidity problem once in the middle of the night I wok up n sat my husband was tapping my back suddenly jinku also sat and started tapping from that period onwards whenever I wake up n sit my jinku starts tapping my back n i really love him.

Me and my lovely son akansh

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I have a recent incident. ...last month I'm travelling to a temple wid my son and husband in a car. ...BT unfortunately an accident happens..that time my 8 month baby is in my lap ...I holded him very tightly. ..when car goes unbalanced and led down in an empty canal. ...my collar bone get fracture and multiple fracture on my face and neck. ...but still I was start feeding my baby. .till 108 come for our help. ...I was bleeded very badly. .but thanks to God my son and husband both r safe. ..I was admitted hospital for 15 days and beside my all pain I have to feed my son...I avoided all painkillers as it effect my baby. ...I m thankful to God for saving us. ...I'm still under treatment. .and recovering very fast for my son. ..actually after 7 years of marriage...God had given me such a blessing as shivansh. .so each moment spending with him I feel very special. .I love you shivansh. .

There are so many precious moments with my angel. Her pyari si kiss, a big tight hug all day. Recently 4 days back when my parents were coming i was just doing house chores nd was busy with lots of work nd preparations nd in eve after all cleaning again my baby just kept on messing up the house with her toys, clay nd all. I was so much tired by cleaning up all day nd i told navu pls now dont do anything dirty. Who vl clean this now. Then to my surprise she brought towel nd started cleaning on her own nd says mumma saaf saaf in her voice. I was so much amazed that how she copies all things which i do. Since that day till now, if she spills any water or clay or anything on floor she started asking for cloth to clean it on her own. She is just 21 months old. Another incident was when i got burnt on my hand last month. I need to get it bandage. Whenever she sees that she ask mumma ka hua(what happen) i used to say mumma ko ui ui hui hai. Woh itne ache se mujhe pyar karti thi phir and that moment i felt to be blessed as her mom. I lovd my angel 😇

Our little ones are God sent angels in our life. You never know how they can be your strength in adverse situation.

Now a days whenever I go in kitchen my 2 yr 10 mnth lo come fastly with his stool ('mudhi' what he say) and stand nearby me and see whatever I m dng.... Whenever I gt tired and sit and he see all his toys are there on the floor thn he turn his mudhi to another side and keep all his toys inside that and says " mumma ghar saaf kr diya vasu na" and I am like hug him and kiss him on his cheeks

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#MagicMoment #MomInMe
Motherhood is sprinkled with beautiful surprises that make the journey all so special. My baby always shows a lot of empathy and caring to everyone. Since I have been taking care of my mom after her surgery, I have not been able to give time for myself. I was lying on the bed the other day, when baby got access to my bag with its zip open. He then took a bindi from the packet and put it on my forehead, brushed my hair with my comb and finally hugged and planted a big kiss on my cheek. Although the bindi on the left of my temple and the hair being pulled out in the name of brushing didn't make me look any better than before, but i felt soo good to be cared for by my little one.

My baby girl is a gift to me, I am blessed with her on women's day 2018(8th March evening),I have gone through C-section so after her birth she has taken care by nurses into nursery immediately but within 12 hrs of surgery they bring her to me as she is crying to get feed hungry baby..I was unable to move within bed but anyhow find strength to seat with help of hydraulic bed and took her into my lap and she stopped crying immediately and somehow start latching...the strength I found on that day that reminds me power of mother ....that pain ,stress, motherhood all captured by one of the nurse on that day that keep on reminding me #Mominme #momentsofmotherhood

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Here's my Story
It was d big day -- the day my husband and I would find out whether our first child was a boy or a girl. Coz we both wanted a baby girl.. bt my In my in Laws everybody was judging that um expecting a boy actually d symptoms were showing it's only a boy.. everyone was very happie but in d other side me n hubby were not dat happy I kno maybe we shouldn't think lyk dat but still we were on d same boat.. from the beginning of my pregnancy my mother in law wasn't at all supportive in any area wheater it's a doc visit or household work.. i left my job in 2nd mnth due to complication from dat day till my delivery I had done everything for my baby.. on 6th of Feb I was admitted to d hospital coz I was having pains from last 2 days ..After 14hrs of battle I delivered a Baby Gurl" Heer" when I delivered her doc said do u kno wat is it?? A boy or a girl I said I guess I kno its a boy coz in d end I was sure too dat it's a boy in my womb.. but by god grace when I hold her in my arms n doc said it's a gurl I was crying lyk a child on d delivery table coz I hv seen very critical tym in my frst pregnancy no one was der to help me expect my hubby n my cancer patient mum.. I can't thank enough to god for giving us dis Angel 😘😍 dis is my story of Motherhood

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Ankita Aggarwal 😂😂my son also put his toy on Mundhi 😂😂

Shes so pretty😙

My memorable motherhood experience was when I was pregnant with my second child I use to have vomitting all d time so my son as he was small used to; get worried n use to bring ors water for me I was so touched by his act as he was only 4 years old

I love lots of my baby,she is my lifeline

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Everything she do is precious to me, but i still remember the first time she look in to my face and smile oh my god still brings goose bumps love u baby.

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Vidya Rathod; I totally agree with u I am experiencing the same.

#MagicMoment #MomInMe
There are so many such overwhelming moments in my motherhood journey of almost 9 years now that it is difficult to recollect one..but the most recent one was that my daughter was having her final exams and I had a.migraine attack..that too in her maths exam.. I was on medication and was doing many things to keep myself up and running but then nausea struck me.. I had tried a dupatta on my head to be able to make her study but when she saw me throwing out she ran in the kitchen..and got a half cut lemon and salt for me..she had seen me giving this to her father when he was unwell..she then told me to lie down and studied the rest herself.. she even massaged my head.. I can't tell how happy I was even in that situation..the experiences of motherhood can't be fully explained or told in words..we can just try..but whatever it is it is worth it..

There are many ...But one that still fill me with emotions

A kiss...which shoo away all my tensions. A kiss... Which makes me feel blessed...it makes me think of unconditional love between us. It gives me the pride of being a mom. How can someone be loved like this...A kiss...so pure...like a new pearl...so fresh like a daisy...full of love. A kiss...magical as rainbow , filling my moment with colours of happiness. I love you my baby n will always do😍😘

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Oh my god!!! My mind is crowded with moments of motherhood.
But one tops it all...
I found the bliss of motherhood pretty late in my life. Just when i was about to lose hope i got this news that i am going to be a mom and life changed completely.
Now my daughter is all of 11 years 6 months and is very independent and matured. On her 11th birthday i had taken her on a shopping spree and asked her to buy anything she wants.
She obviously headed to the books section.
She emerged after 20 minutes with two books of Sudha Murthy - the day stopped drinking milk and the mother i never knew.
I was amazed at this Hary Potter fan, but found my motherhood moment bliss...
The first book was for me as she thought i too had turned 11 as a mom and must get a gift.... And the second book for herself because she wanted to write a book about me and wanted to learn from the great author.

Recently.... I received my motherhood bliss moment...
My daughter is the one the few from her class who do not have a mobile phone of her own.
I kept waiting for a rebel moment from her but i felt humbled when i heard her answering her friend (quoting her)- "No. I don't know why? But if my mom says i must not hv a mobile of my own yet, she must be right with a strong reason, I do not need to ask her 'why'. She will give me one when its appropriate."

Awwww such beautiful moments. My bub is just 4 months can't wait to experience these moments in my life.

Right now extremely loud thunders in Bangalore. I swaddled my baby tight, covered her ears and held her tightly on my lap throughout. Every time the thunder stroke, she woke up with a jolt, saw me and maybe realised that she was safe in my arms and calmly went back to sleep. She did not cry even once! #mominme promises I will be by her side like this ALWAYS. #magicmoment #momentsofmotherhood

My baby is miracle and true blessing of God. From; my journey of a smooth pregnecy turned to; complicated at 5 month to my premature delivery at 7 month, to each day at nicu,to all his growth post discharge he has stunned me. My boy is so brave and loving. I have felt so many heart touching magicale moments with him... Recently he saw my empty hands and gave me bangles to wear..and said chudi pehno..he is just 19 months and has started expressing and connecting words.. I feel special every time with my baby. A true wonder gift of God to me. I rwmeber when I saw him first time in nicu at condition of open eyes and when he was playing.. I felt he saw me and gave smile ... I thought this is; just my imagination..I asked nurse she said...he felt u he is smiling..:) ,when at 27 weeks I read that I had complications with diabetes and poly.. I went into depression reading in internet about the results .. I felt dead almost with fear of losing my baby.;; ...to bekeive it or not I took a deep nap in depression ..but in my subconscious mind I heard my babys voice ... Inside my womb.. that gave me courage and believe nothing will be wrong with my baby. Motherhood is magical...

Everyday is magic being a mother and motherhood is a magical journey...mine started the day I conceived and the first moment was captured when I had her in my arms right after birth...it had been roller coaster as started with tough delivery to refused breastfeed but we never put our foot down. We three fought strong and together against all storms and standing always together. I cried days and nights begging her to take direct feed and this was our fourth day struggle love captured which I cherish more... this picture is more special too as this was my first picture at this beautiful community...love you guys

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#mominme #momentsofmotherhood ..my son makes me feel so good sometimes whenever I m Not well he said mumma ap so jao Mai sister k sath khl b lunga and homework b khud kr lunga ..it's so proud moment that he grown up .

My girl is only 3 months old.. whenever I look at her nd smile, she smiles back.. I have felt so many magical moments with her. Yesterday night I was having a argument with hubby nd got frustrated,at that time I was breastfeeding her. After that I look at her nd she smiled looking into my eyes, nd the cutest thing was that, she stops sucking nd the nipple was inside her mouth nd she is smiling 😍.. I forgot everything nd smiled. My hubby saw me smiling, he was shocked, he thought mujhe koi asar hi nhi ho rha unki baton ka 😂.. he came to see that why I was smiling nd he too forgot his anger nd smiled looking at his Princess. She is my angel. Proud to be her mother☺️
#mominme #momentsofmotherhood; #magicmoment

Can we post as a separate post.

Or in comments only

Please tell me ,can we take part by posting it separately not in comments here asha chaudhry; Priya Sood; Khushboo Chouhan Naiyya Saggi

Of course u can Deepti Kush !!! Just be sure to mention the hashtags so the team can track it!!

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