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So my journey started on 10th of June as a mommy..

I delivered my LO via C-section as there were some complications LO had her umblical cord wrapped around her neck twice..It was an emergency as well as planned c section..

When my baby came into this world she was in respiratory distress..and was admitted to NICU for 2days..on the first day I didn't get to see the baby..I was disheartened because I wanted to feed my baby on the day of delivery within few hours as I have read here on BBC about the benefits of feeding within few hours of delivery..

The next day the doc handed over the baby to check whether she is accepting the feed..

I was so excited to hold my LO for the first time..

The nurses helped me to feed the baby for the first time plus my mom was always there to help teenie-meenie latched on in an instant for the first time as if she knew happiness knew no bounds..tears rolled down my cheek as I always wanted to breastfeed my all the breastfeeding stories here on BBC I was always keen towards breastfeeding my baby for at least 6momths..

For the first few days or I can say a month I breastfed my baby..asked remedies to increase my supply from u guys ..Thanks alot for that💖

Then the baby started having formula milk for some or other reason.. didn't want to take my nipple in her mouth..n gradually my flow decreased..I was helpless..whenever I used to put my nipple in her mouth..she dozed off..tried all the methods to wake up n feed..all went in vein..whenever I feed my baby wid formula I used to cry feeling helpless..

I expressed my milk n fed her..but never lost hope..

We say na "Where there is will,there is always a way"

Touchwood from last 2-3days my LO is taking my feed n doesn't want to have bottle feed..

I want to become a exclusively breastfeeding mommy

💖That feeling when u get while holding ur little one near u gives a pleasure Which is unexpressable..

💖And when ur baby is well-fed and happy u feel an empowerment that u can nourish and nurture a life..💖

💖There is a different kind of contentment which is never felt before

Thanks Naiyya saggi Ma'am for creating such platform where every individual is important..💖

And asha chaudhry Priya Sood Khushboo Chouhan and all the other moms who are here to help others..

Thanks a ton!! #breastisbest #breastfeedingmom

Pls share some tips. I also want to feed my baby for atleast 6 months and he is also stopped drinking my milk from last 5-6 days

Hey Reeti I m taking a good diet and icludimg lauki n turai..having Zeera water on daily basis and milk wid not stressing myself over any issue..

Good diet as in like protein rich diet?
How many glasses of jeera water?
This is normal jeera or safed jeera?

Yeah..have eggs,chicken sprouts,dry fruits..and normal Zeera that we use for tadka ..

bedautifully written!

Power of mother 🙂

Amazing dear!!

I am overwhelmed by these breast feeding stories. They are building my determination for this task bit by bit. I am sure i will be ready for anything that comes.

Thanku so much Swati Upadhyay Aditi Ahuja

Mrs Chhoker yup..power of being a mother.. we never know wat all powers do we have until we become a mommy..I was never a person wid patience..but see how patiently I did all these..even I dont know..

AMRITA MALLIK yup dear..u'll surely deal wid everything that will come ur way..all the best!

Yiu don't need any degree or expertise to be a mother, your love is enough to make you a super mother

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