Distracted Feeding :

I started preparing Atarah's weaning when she turned 4 months old, I have seen moms running behind their kids to feed few morsels of food then our Ipad, mobile phone, cartoon kids. I felt something is not right.. This is not the way I will feed my baby. Then I came across "Traditional Weaning" to my surprise this is what I was exactly looking for.

What is distracted feeding?

To make the bub sit in one place and to finish the meal, Every mom wants her bub to finish the entire bowl, she decides the quantity of the baby.. She decides yes now the baby is full. To achieve this baby is allowed to

1. Watch Television (cartoon)

2. Play with mobile phone

3. See videos or fiddle Ipad etc

4. Read or turn pages of any books

5. Show crows, pigeons, dogs, cars, lorry etc etc outside

6. Doing aeroplane action or some other funny faces so that baby opens their mouth

7. Doing aaaaaaa sound and making the baby to open its mouth

8. Story telling or bargaining with the bub like " will give you chocolates if you are done with bowl, will take you to park or mall etc.

So the above points seems to be simple and happens in almost all house hold, So what's the big deal?

The deal is you don't allow the baby to..

1. Enjoy the food

2. To build a good relationship with the food, bub will eat so that he/she will be allowed to play at the park.

3. To have portion control or understand their hunger. Remember India is becoming increasingly popular in "Child Obesity" and we lack lot of good nutrition, Indians Hemoglobin count is very less, we have more anemic kids. The best example is most of us from this generation "We can eat 1 big packet of chips just by fiddling our mobile or by watching our favourite TV series"

I'm sure moms may say " I just give a book or his favourite car", You are developing a habit here for the baby. It will soon become " Will eat only when; given a book or my favourite car" soon they will get bored of the book or the car and demand a mobile phone ( dangerous) soon they will also be bored of the mobile phone and demand screen time. This will go on and on and on... Kids gets easily bored.

Should not food be respected? Imagine if we can bring up a child who will eat to its hunger.. Who will respect the food we make.. Who will choose healthy food options.. We will not have any obesity, pcod, thyroid or other food related complications. There is another big challenge called " Force Feeding" will do a post on this too.

Moms might question here " If I don't distract feed my baby will not finish the entire bowl, will not fill his/her tummy". The answer is " You don't decide the quantity.. Baby does" its babies tummy not yours, How can you decide if the baby is not full? Imagine you are done with your food but someone does all possible things to make you eat more? How will you feel? Same applies to the baby as well. Kids should be respected for their choice and let's do it.




Vidya Rathod please help me in tagging moms.

asha chaudhry Priya Sood Swati Upadhyay

Very true Rebecca Prakash ... Useful post..!!

asha chaudhry Foram nancy singh;Pooja Sheeba Vijesh Sonam patel Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Shiny Vincent  Shipra Dang  Rebecca Prakash  Akshaya Naresh Shruti Giri Richa Chowdhary Foram#128518;&##128518;. Satyam Sharma  Rebecca Prakash  Akshaya Naresh Khushboo Chag Sheeba Vijesh Bhakti Bavishi Kamalini Rao Satyam Sharma Merline Thomson Dr. Payal M Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) Sangeeta Sihag Parul Johari Tanuja Vaishali B Deepti Arora Priya Mahajan Reshma Gunjal Nisha Dayal Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Ellora Mohanty Biswal Priya Iyer Roopashree Siddireddy Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying) Priyanka Maheshwari Sheeba Vijesh Pooja asha chaudhry Priya Sood Neha Agarwal Neelima Gujjeti aditi manja Prachi Sumira Bhatia Rebecca Prakash Sheeba Rizvi Garima Singla Bhrukuti Mistry Yogini Kandre Richa Chowdhary Nilofer shaikh Priya Iyer Naiyya Saggi Neha Agarwal nancy singh Sheeba Vijesh Sheeba Rizvi Rakhi Pu beri (beautyofmommying) durga salvi Sonu Prithvi Zegna Fayas Ellora Mohanty Biswal Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) Harneet Khurana Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr. Payal M Foram; Rebecca Prakash Shipra Dang Akshaya Naresh Shiny Vincent Nisha Dayal Zeba Soudagar Roopashree Siddireddy Satyam Sharma Sangeeta Sihag(musicalmommy) Mamta Washist Prachi Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy) Sakshi Mahajan Richa Kaushik Nasreen Mansoor Pooja Dixit Gunjan Bhatla manvi bhandari Merline Thomson Yogini Kandre Priti Singh Amreen Parul Johari Sirisha Bhalla kanupriya dhingra sonia giri Garima Singla Gayatri Shipra Dang Sreya Sengupta Shweta Badwaik Deshmukh Sonam zarin Neha Kapoor Gill Nilofer Shaikh Khushboo Pitti Priya Yadav Nazia Hussain Shridevi Shilwant Nisha Dayal Urmila Gupta Rosh Tej Khushboo Pitti; Priti Singh Priya Sood Khushboo Chouhan Kartik Kujur Palisha Sawlani Ruth Timmy Verghese Ruchi Shrivastava Ruchi Srivastava Geethu Benny Ana Khan Vidya Rathod Neha Kapoor Gill Humera Mehtab priyanka sain Preethu Kaveti Komal Jangra Meena Patil Naina Kochar
Neeta Shetty Anitha Nair
Rashmi Ranjan Dwinkle Chauhan Kanika 07 Veda naveen ritu singhal Richa Kaushik Manasa Mahesh Kavita Garg zalak shah

Aditi Ahuja Kavita Sahany Bhavna Anadkat Taheseen Asif Tabassum shaikh Priya Sood Vidya Rathod Rebecca Prakash Khushboo Chouhan Rashmi Choudhury Priya Dubey Priti Raghuvanshi Satarupa B Kaur Sania Bhushan Madhavi Cholera
Revauthi Rajamani Mrs Chhoker Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) Kritz Nitika Chopra Naiyya Saggi Resham Java Kruti Nirmal Ankita Aggarwal Prashanthi srikanth asha chaudhry
Swati Upadhyay Harshmita Walia Neha Mani Mishra DrShilpa Singhal Shruti Budihal Paromita Chakraborty sujata prava Abhijit Rout Naiyya Saggi Shruti Budihal Teju Gowda somyashree. R Tabassum shaikh Aisha Shamsi Archita Bhattacharjee vikas Joshi

Thanks for the post Rebecca Prakash . Will definitely keep in mind while weaning off.

Thank you Vidya Rathod for tagging me. And thanks Rebecca Prakash for this post as I have just started weaning, it's really helpful.

So true!
Absolutely agree to the core. My mum keeps saying my sil when she sees her feeding my neice while watching phone that they dint have phones and tvs to distract yet their kids ate ans grew up strong. I hope to follow it on my mom

Thanku useful post.. Thanku vidya for tagging

Thank you for the wonderful post

Useful post.. Thanks for sharing Rebecca Prakash mam..😃

That's true... Will follow it for reet also

Very useful post

Very nice !!

Very nice.. even im one of the members of traditional weaning India.
Adding to above points
Only encourage kids to have homemade food than outside food..
Self weaning and creating interest for food in children also imp..

Very useful post dear Rebecca Prakash

Lovely. I totally agree with this thought. What to do if the child starts suffering from some deficiency after leaving the decision of amount of food intake on them? As babies can b extremely moody too! Please share some tips for dealing with feeding moody babies.
Because my mom i remember had a lot of problems while dealing with my fussy eating nature ever since i developed taste buds. And that continues till today. Though most of my fussiness has reduced but i still find the traces of it in me.
I rejected a lot of healthy food items while growing up.

Thankyou for the tag vidya rathod,thankyou so much Rabecca prakash for sharing this valuable post.

Very true... when I was introducing solids to my baby I asked my paediatrician how much food I should give her then doctor said let your baby decide the quantity from that day I will never force her when she feels full she gives me a signal n I will stop feeding food n bcoz of that only she enjoys her food properly...

Beautiful post .. Most needed one as I have started preparing for weaning..😊

Great post..loved it...I always used to see all my bhabhi how they feed their babies and I was like yaar ye kya hai fn TV n all ..don't give them mobile it's not good for them. And I made a thought when I ll hv baby I'll never give him or her any mobile or any bad thing to finish the food...u hv written so nicely that every word I was reading n feeling 'so true' 'so true'...it happens in the families a lot
Thanks a lot dear for remembering me all the things again

Beautiful post

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