How To Increase Breastmilk Naturally

One of the biggest concerns that quite often bothers almost every new mum is about the supply of breastmilk. Especially when you’re a first-time mother, you’re more concerned about your child’s complete tummy. And if you’re one of those who do feel like “maybe my baby needs more milk”, then you must have thought about ways to increase more milk naturally.

I know that feeling. And that’s why today I have come up with a breastfeeding post that would guide all the new mums to increase breastmilk naturally.

Have Well Balanced Diet

Breastfeeding moms typically require 500 calories more than a normal person. So, make sure your diet is absolutely balanced. Opt for nutritious yet energy-packed foods. Foods like oatmeal, flaxseeds meals, smoothies, eggs, yoghurt and veggies should be an integral part of your postpartum diet.

Please avoid packaged, processed, junk or any kind of gassy foods. Gas can easily drop down your breastmilk supply. If you suffer from any kind of digestive issues, talk out with a doctor.

Stay Hydrated

Honestly, this was the one that had actually saved me from skipping to a complete formula feeding. You must consume at least eight glasses of water. Have a glass of water before and after every breastfeeding session.

Nurse And Nurse

One of the major ways to increase your breastmilk naturally is to nurse often and in demand. Breastfeeding babies don’t follow any rules. Because they set them. Go along with your mini-boss’ cues and feed him when required. In fact, lactation consultants actually recommend feeding babies on demand and not to strictly follow the two-hour clock. Of course, if you’re a working mom, you may need to set things as per your schedule. But when possible, do ensure to feed absolutely on your baby’s demand.

Feed Each Breast Fully

This was one mistake that I did during my breastfeeding journey. And maybe that was the reason why I was producing lesser milk.

Every time you feed, make sure to empty the respective breast completely.

The key to increasing your breastmilk is just one basic thing- the more you feed, the more you would produce.

Every time you empty one breast, your body instantly sends signal to produce even more milk. Adding to that, when your baby is able to empty one breast completely, he is able to receive not just complete foremilk but also the golden fatty hindmilk, which is so much required for your baby’s development.

Stay Relaxed;

If you’re a new breastfeeding mother, you might not know mental health also affects your breastmilk.

Stay relaxed and calm for your entire breastfeeding journey. Especially for your baby’s first six months, you need to ensure that your brain doesn’t take too much load. Take ample rest, power naps and try to hit your happy and relaxed mode. I know with a baby in the house, it’s not easy. But you have to find your ways to relax in some way or the other. If not for yourself, for your child.

If you do suffer from postpartum depression or anxiety, make sure to communicate with someone about. Praying, working out and meditating can also do wonders to help yourself keep calm.

So, mommies, these were some of my tips that I personally would like to give to any new breastfeeding mom. Let me know in the comments how did you find them! #newparent #breastfeeding #newmoms #newbaby #breastfeedingbaby #breastfeedingmamas #bbcreators #bbcreatorsclub #bbcreatorsmom #bbcreatorpost #bbcdecember #bbcreatorsclubmom #indianmom #indianexpatmom
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