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Once there was a rich and successful business man. He owned huge property, cars etc and was renowned in his small village.

One day, he visited another city for some business purpose. He roamed in the market of the city and did shopping for home as well as for office work. At one shop he was attracted to a big chandelier (jhoomar) n immediately bought it for his big bungalow. The chandelier was made of glass and was delicate.

He hung it in his living room and appointed a servant for cleaning and maintenance of this beautiful piece of art. He evryday looked at the beauty of chandelier and felt proud about it.
One day, unfortunately the part of chandelier was broken while cleaning by thw servant. Usually Glass materials are always broken while cleaning or maintenance.
The Businessman was too angry on the servant and abused him. Finally, the servant was beaten, fired from his job and the salary was unpaid. The servant told this episode about the behaviour of the rude businessman just fr a chandelier. Rhe villagers started talking all negative about the businessman.
One day there visited a pious saint in the village. The businessman took his blessings. Soon the story and the episode of servant and the broken Chandelier was told to Saint by the villagers. Saint decided to teach him a lesson.
The saint visited the Businessman's bungalow for Bhiksha. He somehow asked about the Broken Chandelier. Businessman showed lot of dejection and anger and told that the servant deserved such punishment for his deeds.
The saint asked him; "What if the chandelier was broken by ur son while playing with a ball?"

The Businessman replied "I would warn him not to play in the luving room and would confiscate his ball."

The Saint asked again "What if the Chandelier was broken by your wife?"

The Businessman replied "I would politely tell her not to do henceforth and would warn her to be carefull next time."

The Saint again asked the question "What if the Chandelier was broken by YOU?"

The Businessman replied "I would regret and become sad. But whatever happens it happens!You cannot change or stop it from happening. I would go again to the city and buy the new one."


The main underlying message of the story is - How we react to the same situations with different people. When it comes to "I" we easily forgive and rectify. When it comes to our closed ones it is still a polite warning only..But when it is done by outsider or inferior people then we Don't forgive and give Harsh punishments.

This simple incident created negative impression of the businessman in the minds of villagers who treated him well. This just materialistic Chandelier took away the job of poor servant and was beaten and abused badly.
we are forgetting that Nothing is Permanent in this world. Not even our body is Permanent. still we r so attached to materialistic world and we forget our polite nature and behavior.
#Forgiveness #Politeness #Equality #Moralvalues ..all these r forgotten by us or left out..If we only don't follow these values ..HOW CAN WE EXPECT FROM OUR CHILDREN????
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