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Hey Mommies and to be Mommies like me..

From the day we get our pink lines test positive to the day of the babybirth, we go through uncountable thoughts and emotions behind everything. The most recurring thought is the day of the labor when we actually strive hard to bring out a life.. It is this time when we have to realise that "No Pain, No Gain" attitude. First tym Mommies like me, would obviously be blank and don't know What will be next.
All I know is..we all are bothered about our labor pain, our problems, self centred. But we fail to realise the pain of the baby that he/she is bearing since their conception n d day of the birth and afterwards too. They live in Darkness inside the womb for 9 long months i.e. equal to approximately 270 days. Whatever we consume they feed upon that and utilise its 100% leaving no trash behind. The babies don't poop. We forget that the baby is all alone inside this congested place. Coming out is like coming a different planet all together and immediately all our relatives start holding the baby and play passing the parcel. Common the bahy is still wondering and in complete shock. The functions of the body parts are at their first trials. He is still missing the inside womb environment and adapting to the new change. The baby is also tired along with the mom in the process of birthing.
Common question that arises in every woman's mind while going for labor is what to think. We r filled with mixed emotions of pain n joy.

According to my thoughts i have listed few pointers :

# Be it Normal or C-sec or any other form, I am bound to bear the pain.

# If the baby is inside my womb, I am capable enough to give birth too and take care of the baby
#Whichever soul is inside me, I am sure that we bond have strong connection since past births and this birth we r going to make all the accounts neutral to guve peace to our souls.

# It is my Karma n only My Karma due to which i have to undergo such a pain of labor.

# Yes! Indeed the pain is not going to last eternal but the Joy is!!!
#Dukh : Suswagatam!! is what; I recite n feel rejoiced that this pain is going to give me n my entire family a bundle of joy and forever happiness.
#Let me make my baby feel that his/her; mom is strong and capable.
#Last but not the least, "Best Is Yet To Come"
#While the daddy to be is in still numb feeling and clueless, steal a look and blink your eyes in support to show that u r strong. Talk Through Eyes. It soothes you n ur hubby both.
#Relax !!! If the baby has popped in ur belly, it is bound to come out one day! so have patience. It's like even of u eat ur favorite food, you have to poop it out!! :p

I am currently passing through the stage where each minute n each second is taking me near to the big day. Throughout the day, my










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