Delivery means a mix of happiness and fear. Both of my deliveries were different from each other. For my first delivery, my mother was preparing me for a normal one. Saani, my first baby girl, was in a breech position but my doctor didn't inform me & my mom. When I got to know about this during my sonography, I feared & started to think how she will be delivered. The doctor assured my mother that it isn't a big problem.

On Rakshabandhan, I felt something wrong. My sister insisted me to check with the doctor and I rushed to the hospital. Doctor asked for an immediate c-sec. I got scared and went home. My mom gave me ajwayn laddu for pain. She was not ready for a c-sec.
My friend, who is a gynaec, made her understand about my critical situation. My baby had come down and it was too risky for both of us. Our residential doctor checked me and told me that my baby is not breathing. I was so shocked that I screamed at him.
I was taken in an OT where I gave birth to my baby girl, Saanidhya.

My second delivery was in a private hospital. I suffered so much in that hospital. There were so many formalities just for the admission process. After delivery, when I was in OT and I asked a nursing staff about my baby, she answered me very rudely – “You delivered baby girl again.” I felt bad that the nurse didn’t care about me because I delivered a second girl child. When I came out of OT, I was lying alone. There was no one. I was thinking continuously how people will treat me and baby. I will not cry. I will not support them. She is my child and it doesn't matter to me.

When I came in the ward, my hubby and the whole family were so happy to see me and my baby. My family members were so happy.

Babies are so special. I know everyone has dream to be a mother of both boy and girl child but it's destiny. I feel proud to be mother of two girls because both are part of my body and strong bond of love.

Yes, we are a happy family - Saanidhya & Kimaya

-Nimmi Rathore