My sister's girl baby s 4 mnth and 10 dys old.. she s vomiting aftr every feeding.. its coming sometimes lik curd and sometimes milk.. she s nt getting weight also. her birth weight is 2.45kg nw she s 5kg only.. vomiting s Nrml but afternoon every feeding she s vomiting. we r worried abt her. how to increase her weight nd stop vomiting.. pls help..

Hi. Vomit or in this case regurgitation is common. Please keep baby upright and do a proper burping after every feed. In case baby is overfed baby also will Vomit. On weight baby will gradually gain.

hi.after every feed burp is do that. everything will b all right..also keep her right side after feeding.nd keep her in ur lap for a while.

You do need to discuss this with your doctor as if vomiting is happening after every feed and there is no weight gain then anti vomiting medication will be required.

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