My baby is 6 months. Now do i give cows milk. He was on exclusive breastmilk till now?

No cows milk till a year you can start weaning
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agree with foram
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You don't gv cow milk now, try after a year only, it's not easy to digest soon. So they may have problems.

cow milk is not recommended by dr before one yr

dear u can wean u r baby after 1yr u can give com milk ..u can formula milk ..if bm is enough u can give that

Hi there,  a big No to cow's milk before your baby's first Birthday. Stay with breast feed or top up feed.  Apart from these give cerelac,  khichaddi , mashed potatoes, curd, milk shakes, mashed bananas, pumpkin curry, egg curry, sahi potato halwa,  apple punch, apple banana pudding etc.

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