What to do for good skin of baby?

The baby is 4 Yeats right ??
Always use natural organic products .. once in a while give bath in haldi besan n malai..

Babies have sensitive skin so it's essential to use mild products for them that don't harm the skin n keep it moisturised well. You can try Bioderma atoderm soap for bath, I use the same. Follow up with coconut oil/olive oil/ any other oil of your choice and if required any lotion.

U can use mamaearth products for baby as dey are natural n organic product n safe to use for baby

Hi . Pls always always check the labels of the products you buy for your child. The so called natural products may not be organic. Organic needs a USDA seal. Also many natural products have arsenic, lead and other major toxins in them. Also with some of the other premium brands pls see if they have phenoxyethanol or perfume in the ingredients list. These are all known toxins. Pls be very mindful when choosing products for your baby. There s a lot of hype and marketing these days. Just stay informed and pls pls read the labels.