Hello moms to be n mommies...
Just wanted your advice as to what should I do...
I'm currently 10wks pregnant and I'm having bad nausea, vomiting and fatigue... im working woman n thus after reaching home from work due to this I'm very tired so hardly contribute to the house work...
My husband as well as my mother in law feels that from such an early stage of pregnancy I'm not doing any work n nly my mother in law has to do it... but I'm honestly not that energetic and also don't want to take chances as this is my pregnancy after miscarriage in which I had swept the flood, cleaned utensils,cooked food etc....
Plz guide me as to what could I do....

Parul Johari

Hy anon,, if u r not energetic; dnt think about ur mil is doing all the work alone. Let her do if she cant hire someone.
After seeing ur history, i think u should take a break from ur office (or can work from home )and household chores as well. Just take care of urself. Take proper rest , eat and drink healthy.


Thanks dear... but she is very adamant and says she will only hire help when I m 6-7months.... n my husband also feels the same... feel really low and alone....

Mrs. Chhoker

You have to be more cautious in first trimester don't listen to what they say do what your body allows you coz you have already gone through a loss so you must know how important this baby is for you. Just concentrate on your baby and your health coz ppl are like this they can never be happy so at least make your baby and yourself happy. Make him your first priority. Tc and be strong it will help you.I have learned from my first pregnancy that you have to be stubborn sometimes in pregnancy and be selfish without much caring about others

Rebecca Prakash

Let them think and talk what they want to, for you what's important is your baby and your health. Next time speak with your doctor about this in front of your husband..


Rebecca what I tell the doc!!??.. this is a personal matter naa... will it not hurt the ego of my husband.... will he not say be angry as I am discussing this matter with the doc...


Yes Mrs Choker I know how it feels when u lose ur baby.. it affects both physical and mental well being... n that's the reason I don't want to risk anything... but then they say if I can go to work them y cant I help with the house work...

Mrs. Chhoker

Oh anon doc faces this kind of cases daily you can talk to her alone and ask her to ask your husband to not stress you so much coz it's not good for your baby. She knows how to handle this things.

Mrs. Chhoker

You are doing job for family help na so how could they question this if they have so much problem ask them to leave your job


I will try talking this to my doc... I hope she is able to help me... yes I'm doing the job for my family... till date have never asked my husband or in laws to bear my pressure (monetary terms) in fact I have always borne all my expenses plus i contribute at home as well... n have my old parents to look for

Shridevi Pawan Shilwant

Hey dear in the early days of pregnancy nausea vomiting n tiredness is very common problem don't worry when you complete 3 months these symptoms will be reduced n you will start feeling energetic n you can help your mil in house work but still in pregnancy you cannot take more stress abt work as regular take care of yourself n enjoy your pregnancy


These are initial days...take it positively ..working even after office can be tiring which is understood... But helping household chores can be helpful after all its physical compared to sedentary office work...but don't work too hard too

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