hi all .i m really upset .my 6 mnth old baby s nt gaining wgt .he s on breastfeed . everyone says bm babies; gain wgt bt why nt mine .i have sufficient milk . plz reply .is mine bm nt good

Hey Vidhya.. what’s your baby weight now ? Wat was birth weight ? Normally babies are doubly their birth weight by 6 months... also as ur baby is 6 month old now you can start semi solids.. give mashed banana.. rice khichadi properly blended...

Hi dear. Don't get upset. What is baby's weight.
Height And Weight Chart: An Easy Tool to Monitor Your Child’s Health

Understanding Baby Weight Gain

he s nw 6.5 kg.his birthwgt was 2.570

Hey please do not worry , the baby will gain weight gradually after six months you can start feeding the baby with outside food ..start with liquids like juices , rice water and dal water ..then vegetable stock. .then khichdi ...and mashed apples , banana season now so you can try that too...

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