Hi, my daughter turned 7 years old in Sep 2016, she had not got her teeth till very late, which was when she was around 15 months old, and now she hasn't lost any of her milk teeth. I have read that the normal age of loosing milk teeth is 5-7 years and mine has still not lost any, is it a matter of concern ??

my son also is same age and lost his first teeth after his bday in september :)

The average age of milk teeth dropping and adult teeth forming is five to ten years and it is dependent on the age when milk teeth first came in.

dont worry same worry i had for my son who is 8 now
.my pead told since he got milk teeth late...will loose dem late...nothing to worry...

don't worry, let it be a natural process

ok thank you so much Harneet, Sonali, Bhairavi & Ankita feeling little relieved :)

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