my baby is suffering from seasonal cold ..n from past 3 weeks she is suffering from nose block specially in evening...I have already given her t-minic n mucolite in 1st n 2 nd week...have also done sek n steam..plz provide me some gud medicine or better way to clear her blockage

pls visit doctor...they generally recommend nose drop which are very effective

Please do visit the doctor for a check up. Steam is very effective to clear a blocked nose. You can also keep some eucalyptus oil in a diffuser in the room where baby sleeps as that can help breathing become easier. Nasal drops are best prescribed by the doctor.

use nasal drop with Dr.prescription

saline nasal drop is best

I use nesoclear as a nasal drop but still can't find the results

try using sinarest PD nasal drips it works

Dear Friend,
Nasoclear did not work with my daughter too. So her pediatrician suggested another one.
Better chk with the doc
Also some babies with severe nose block benefit from Nebulization. Again, chk with ur doc. He/She may advise u appropriately