What Can Cause A Preterm Delivery?

What Can Cause A Preterm Delivery?

Writing this post takes me back to that midnight when my husband took me to the hospital as my water bag (amniotic sac) broke due to premature rupture of membranes. Being a medical professional, I knew what it meant and I told him that I am going to deliver too soon!


I am a mother to a preterm baby born at 30 weeks who is now a chirpy 4 year old. The good neo natal care given to her in the crucial first month of life helped her to win against the odds.


While you may be doing things right during your pregnancy, you may give birth before completing full term. The American college of obstetrics and gynaecology states that there are certain risk factors associated with pre term delivery (after 20 weeks and before 37 weeks of pregnancy) which include:


You must be careful if you have a job that is physically demanding and requires long standing hours. Research on preterm birth indicates that emotional stress during pregnancy may also trigger pre term birth.


I had vaginal bleeding at 26 weeks for which I was given medications and was asked to take rest. I started going to work again when I got better as I wanted to save leaves for the post delivery days. It was logical I thought!


Retrospection gives me a revelation that I was under a lot of emotional stress which I didn't realize then. I was unhappy with everything around me: I didn't enjoy my job, I thought I have married a wrong person, I didn't like my in-laws and the list of dislikes was just endless.


I was not able to take charge of my life and was just blaming others for the turbulence. I would ask all of you to love yourself and do the best you can to beat stress. You may like to pick up a hobby, meditate or take up yoga, listen to music or simply read a book. Just do it for yourself and  everything else will fall in place!


I wish you all a joyful motherhood.

Love, Peace & Joy


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