Belly Dancing For Moms To Be A Great Way To Keep Fit And Bond With Your Baby

Belly Dancing For Moms To Be A Great Way To Keep Fit And Bond With Your Baby

What is Belly dancing really?

Belly dance uncommonly known as “Dance of Birthing”, was born out of the need to train girls who were about to hit puberty for pregnancy and the healing that is needed post-delivery. Studies show that it was practised in a private woman’s chamber where women would encourage each other by showing off moves that would relate to the stage of life they were at.  Belly dancing is thousands of years old ritual that has been passed from mother to daughter, though the history of it has not been documented.

This dance form can be made a part of your fitness routine while you are pregnant or while recovering from the pregnancy blues or even just as a woman!


The dance of the womb has tremendous benefits to it and in certain ways it goes beyond just a form of exercise. It encourages the baby to move downward for ease of birth. The list of benefits is long. Through my personal experience, I have listed down the ones that are more well-known.

• Helps tone abdominal muscles Baby
• Relieves stress
• Posture helps in reducing pressure on the knees
• Helps maintain general fitness
• Good exercise for gut, thighs, calves and strengthens them
• Improves blood circulation
• Creates a positive aura for mother and baby
• Encourages natural birthing
• Eases natural birthing experience
• Belly dance is an empowering experience. The cradle like movements, the joy of dancing, the soothing music, the calmness with Yoga and Meditation in the routine, sets the stage for a healthy mom and baby experience. I knew during my pregnancy, I had to set up a routine for myself. I would practice it at early hours of the day and when I would wake up for midnight snack. It helped me in getting sound sleep. I started pushing the clock and finally achieved my aim of sleeping straight 8 hours!



It is important to know that not many dance movements work during pregnancy and we need to follow certain rules. 

What not to do?

• If you are new to belly dancing, wait until the 13th week to begin, don’t be in a rush to start off immediately.
• If you feel dizzy or uneasy, discontinue the practice.
• Always practice in a class or with an experienced teacher, it wouldn't be a good idea for a fresher to look at videos and start a home practice.
• Certain moves are prohibited as they would instigate labour, especially lower body shimmies.
• Don’t over practice or overexert yourself.

Listen to your Body

• Your body has a mind of its own and it will always show you signs of stress and unacceptable and you need to read them. Where it asks you to stop, you need to slow down and stop, especially when pregnant. Keep drinking a lot of water. There are moves like figure of 8, hip swings and circles that are fun to do and play around with.
• Explore it for yourself. I live it every day with women sharing their beautiful  experiences of how belly dancing in pregnancy has benefited them.

Dance with your baby belly! Stay fit! Be Happier :-)


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