5 exercises you must do during pregnancy

Before you embark on any pregnancy exercise routine, make sure you consult your doctor. Once you have the go ahead from the doctor, you can try some of these exercises that can help prepare your body for birth.

1. Squats:

Take the support of a wall or a firm piece of furniture. This exercise is important as during pregnancy your centre of gravity changes and you may be a little unsteady. Spread your legs wide, point your toes outwards. Make sure your back is tall and straight. Squats till your thighs are parallel to the ground. Make sure your knees are in line with your toe. Start with 12-16 squats every day and increase as your stamina builds.


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2. Leg Raise:

Lie on your side. Make sure your body is in a straight line. Fold your lower leg and keep the upper leg straight. Now raise the upper leg to 90 degree. Repeat 12-16 times for each leg.

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3. Butterfly posture:

Sit with your legs folded in such a way that the soles of your feet meet. Pull your feet close to the pelvis. You should feel a stretch in the inner thigh. You can flap your knees up and down like butterfly wings to feel an added stretch.

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4. Kegel's exercises:

Sit in a comfortable position. Pull in your vaginal muscles as if you need to stop the flow the urine. Do not hold your breath or, tighten your abdomen. Hold for 3 counts and release. Repeat 50-75 times daily.


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5. Deep Breathing:

Sit in a comfortable position. Take a slow deep breath in, all the way to your lower abdomen and exhale. Repeat 30-40 times to help improve lung capacity and strengthen abdominal muscles.





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lubna tabassum

This is just in time

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