8 brilliant suggestions that no one will ever give you!

8 brilliant suggestions that no one will ever give you!

1 Feb 2016 | 4 min Read

Rhituparna Mitra

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As an expecting mom, either you or people around you are surely making a big deal about health and nutrition! I don’t deny that’s important, but trust me, these 9 months are easier than what’s ahead of you! 


Here are a few suggestions that I never got:

1. Book a Maternity photo shoot: Don’t wait to feel better or for the next holiday or family’s approval. Just get it done. If not anyone else, you or your baby are sure to cherish this for a lifetime. Ask the photographer if he can shoot the arrival of your newborn as well! Family is so dazed and nervous that no one remembers to capture that moment on camera. You definitely don’t want such a regret!

2. Buy a professional Camera: From the time your bundle of joy arrives in this world, all you will do is watch her until eternity. But they grow up so fast that memories will last as long as the next development. Don’t make the mistake of losing out on them. Even if you organize a photoshoot every 6 months (which is not usual), it’s not necessary that your baby will be at her best in those few hours. A mother’s eye is always the best lens. You know your baby’s cutest expressions, just buy one and capture them all! Get your hands practised now.

3. Read books on Childcare more than on pregnancy: The first few months, you will feel like you have a new question every hour! It helps to understand infant behavior and expected milestones so as not to panic with the surmounting advice that you are likely to get.

4. Browse baby clothes, accessories, cosmetics and toys: Even if you all have the ritual of not buying in advance, explore and study utility vs cost-effectiveness. The plethora of attractive baby products may be super confusing otherwise. Dads can be of help too !

5. Join a good Mommy group:This may be the answer to most of your questions in your life going forward. Even if you are a laid back or not-so-social mother, it helps to know sometimes, what’s happening around.

6. Sign up for a short course on Early Childhood Development or on Montessori learning: You may think, it’s too early. It’s not and no one tells you that. A baby’s brain develops fastest in 0-2 years where the neuron connections happen. By the time you recover from childbirth, get over post-partum issues, weaning hassles and others, you will have lost a lot of time. For example – you can read to your child from day 1. Also stock up good music for you and your child, learn a few lullabies, rhymes and stories. 

7. Outsource household chores:This one surely no one will ever tell you! People only talk about a Maternity break from their work, but if you must give your baby, the biggest cause of life and love, your best then it’s critical to outsource household chores. Based on your budget, go for a full time maid, or 2-3 part time maids (to make up for their leaves). I don’t recommend a nanny for direct baby care tasks as that helps you bond with the baby tremendously but you can get the nappy washing and sterilization of bottles by someone else for sure!

8. Buy a pregnancy Journal as well as a Baby record book: A treasure of memories by all means! A bit tedious to fill in for those who don’t like to write but you can always do it in bits and parts. 


So, enjoy being a new Mommy (a new experience for sure even if it’s your second child)! At all points, seek help from your husband. Often men can’t participate in the process because women don’t seek help at the right time for the right reasons!

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