4 reasons why you must get a Pregnancy Photo-shoot done!

4 reasons why you must get a Pregnancy Photo-shoot done!

Celebrate It – Don’t hide, show it off. 

Pregnancy is challenging – the nausea, the puffiness, raging hormones, feeling tired, having another human being inside of you, competing for resources and seeing your body take on a bizarre shape. 



The growing waistline should not make you feel insecure, in fact it should make you feel empowered about the ability of your body to nourish, protect and change. I believe the entire journey from bump to baby is worth celebrating. And, remember it’s not just about the bump, but about the bubba you are about to meet…!



Document It - Get creative with your memories. 

I wanted to capture pregnancy memories, so that later on I could show my little tot that she came from mummy’s tummy… Children, do love to see photos of their pregnant mamma and I didn’t want to miss out on those giggles and laughs… oh what fun!



Get on Pinterest, browse magazines about ideas - you can take fun, glam, intimate and full of hope shots. It’s not just about flaunting your bellies; it’s a chance to capture how you feel. Be creative…! 



Share It - Bonding for partners & siblings 

Photo-shoots are a great way for the dad-to-be to bond with his unborn baby. They often take the brunt of our substantial mood swings. They feel left out when it comes to feeling warm and fuzzy. The photo-shoots bring out our their tender side - the way they touch & talk to the belly. Remember, it’s your journey towards parenthood TOGETHER. 



Nowadays pregnancy is given a chance by many only ONCE. That’s reason enough to capture it and cherish it. But for those of you who are on their way to the second pregnancy, a photo-shoot is an excellent opportunity to bring the siblings into the fold. Siblings are apprehensive about the changes the new baby is about to bring to their lives; a pregnancy photo-shoot can be a fun bonding activity. It forms part of their core memory and often they remember, “Look, I was there when you were in mom’s tummy!”. 



Budget it – it costs a fraction of your wedding day

Many families argue that pregnancy photo-shoots are expensive, a luxury, not a necessity! You may want to explore the growing trend of gift certificates – so that you can drop in hints to your family & friends to pool in and help you fund a big part of your parenting journey. 



Many women don’t enjoy being pregnant, they cringe at the thought of finding a flattering outfit, pretending to be happy and glowing while the baby inside kicks it like Beckham! 



The pregnancy sessions aren’t about what you look like, it’s about how you feel and connect with the life growing inside of you. 



Your pregnancy photo-shoot can also be about how you are preparing yourself as a parent, the books you read, long walks, weird cravings, list of baby’s names, gender announcements, exercising, eating healthy and preparing baby’s nursery. 



Photographs are triggers for emotions and memories; don’t let them be blurry & dark especially on the arrival of a new life, take PROFESSIONAL help…! 



Being pregnant is an incredible experience and if your heart desires it, then don’t lose your chance. And if you have regrets of not doing one before, Do It Now…! 



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