Do you know what can an ill-fitting bra do to you?

“Babe, I can’t make it for lunch, today, I have a horrid back ache!”

 “Yaar, am way too gassy today! Just so uncomfortable!”

 “Oh! Don’t ask! Post pregnancy I literally have to stuff my ample bosom into the Bra, Gravity at its best!”

 “Hey! Why are you slouching?”

 “Damn! Another rash at the under bust!”

Are these often your words? Or your friends & female family members? If yes, don’t rush to the doctor. What you need instead is an urgent visit to your nearest Lingerie Expert!  Yes, as odd it may sound, but more often than not, your back aches, neck and shoulder stiffness is due to your bad posture. The bad posture is your body’s reaction to a Bra which is tugging at it, compressing the wrong nerves, creating not-so-wise pressure spots. Even the occasional chest pain which we conveniently blame on indigestion, may be due to an ill fitted bra.

A fancy, satin, lacy, underwired Bra may not be the answer to your precious bosom if it isn’t the perfect fit! Yes, a wrong fit poses multiple threats to your health and appearance! So, if your bra becomes loose or tight, it is an indication, that you need a new pair of bra for yourself. Most women have the habit of wearing loose-fitting bras. Bras lose their elasticity after a few washes. In fact, a very common habit amongst women is to have separate lingerie for home wear and separate for times when we step out. Evidently the loose ones are for home wear. Is it really safe? This can be bad for the breast as loose fitting bras can damage the breasts’ size and shape. So, if you do not want sagging or popping out breasts, you need to wear the right bra size. Check out the dangerous health effects of wearing a wrong sized bra.


1. Breast pain

It is one of the most common ill effects of wearing a wrong bra size. Tight-fitting bras that are not comfortable often lead to breast pain, a pain which can be pinching. We may tend to stretch a bit to ease our muscles and unhooking the bra gives immediate relief. Next time, try changing into a right sized bra!



2. Back ache

Wrong bra size can also make you experience frequent back ache & discomfort. This usually occurs in women with large breast size. Using a bra that does not exactly fit you, makes the lack of strut in the chest, and due to the effect of gravity it makes the owner of the breasts more vulnerable to stoop, causing pain in the hip area. If your bra is too tight, it can also exert too much pressure on your rib cage. So if you are wearing a smaller sized bra, then be prepared to suffer from back pain.



3. Sagging breasts

Wearing a loose bra can spoil the breast shape and size. Instead of lifting it up and keeping in shape, the bra can sag your breasts and make them heavier leading to back aches. Breasts are suspended by ligaments that will stretch from bouncing if not held firmly in position. If you are well endowed, an ill-fitting, unsupportive bra can cause you to slump and fold your shoulders forward, and lead to painful postural disorders.

4. Shoulder and neck pain

Again, if your bra is too tight for your bosom, the straps can exert a lot of pressure on the shoulders because it is difficult to lift with a smaller strap. This strain from shoulder can go up to the neck, which can cause severe pain. It is one of the major health effects of wearing the wrong bra size, so pick up the right size every time to avoid such complications.



5. Blockage of the lymph nodes

Lymphatic vessels are very thin, they are extremely sensitive to pressure and are easily compressed. Chronic minimal pressure on the breasts can cause lymph valves and vessels to close. Wearing a bra with a cup size smaller than it should be, causes the failure of the lymph nodes.

6. Ruin your posture 

Wearing a wrong bra size can spoil your posture. Pain felt in the shoulder, neck and back tends to make you more frequently bend, which if allowed to continue will ruin your posture.

7. May trigger breast cancer

This is one of the side effects of wearing a wrong bra size. In extreme cases, using the wrong bra size can also trigger breast cancer. This could happen because of the size of the bra that is too tight will block blood flow to the breasts, which can cause cancer. Women must stay very careful while picking up the bra size.

Skin abrasions 

If you are wearing a bra of improper size, it can cause blisters on the skin around the breast, especially when the size is too tight for the size of your breasts. Overly tight straps not only cause skin irritations but reduce blood flow, affecting the nerves and may even cause headaches!
So, pause! Take a minute to get it right for your own body and health!



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how to check right size bra

same doubt i got  actually

Zivame is online lingerie company.  They have fitness centres at various locations.  Go check the website or mobile app for the customer care number.  They can help in knowing the right size. 

hii compulsory we should wear bra??

Yes. Totally necessary to wear a bra

I wish I knew this before

Zeba Soudagar Nilima Joshi Deepa Makhija Afsha Fathima Subhashree Panda Sadia Yaser Zaidi Reena Roy Smruti Gupta Rhituparna Mitra Smruti Gupta Jyoti Sharma Sarika j Devi Prasanna Saranya Sri Sai Gandre Spoorthy Sb

This is just in time.
very important information especially during breastfeeding

Manisha Aggarwal Anchal Talwar Rebecca Prakash Suparna Sharma Meenakshi Suresh Shipra Dang Sneha Khandait Deshmukh Nikki T Sharanjeet Kaur Diksha Verma Preeti Verma Madhuri Gupta Kavita Kajla Mehlawat Bhumika Savalaya Meeta Rajani Rewa Bante Rhituparna Mitra

very helpful article.... n thanx for the tag Nayana Pawar

Komy Ekta Shilpa Kamdar Sapna Asija Bindu Bhavani Lobsang Dolma Khushboo Mehta Manju Budihal Sonal S Raja Sejal Khanna insta:raising_rehaan

Take the measurement of the height point on the breast and also take the measurement around your body, where the base of bra will be. Then substrate both the measurement. If the difference is 1 then cup size is A. and difference is 2 then cup size is B. and so on. You need to buy the size around your body below breast region. Sometimes.. only thing you need to change is... the cup size. If you are getting bruised..on breast and shoulders...try buying once size bigger cup. ( ex. 38 b to 38 c). When you ask any shop keeper...They will give you cup size B by default. Arpit Garg Sowmya Reddy

very useful information..tnx for tagging leesha jain

I have difficulty in choosing bras after pregnancy. my breast size got increased while my body is getting slimmer. so 38b size bra cups fits well while body fits loose.

Very informative

I wish I knew this before

I wish I knew this before

How to check right size of bra

This is just in time

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Really informative

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