11 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Growth, Size, And Other Tips

11 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Growth, Size, And Other Tips

23 Sep 2022 | 7 min Read

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You are now at the peak of your first trimester and your pregnancy is about to bloom. Your baby is already the size of a lemon and weighs about 8 grams. S/he is going to have a major growth spurt in the next 3 weeks and will soon double in size! All of your baby’s major organs have now formed and will continue to grow in the coming weeks as well. Excited much? Let’s learn more about what happens during 11 weeks of pregnancy, baby size, development, and more! Keep reading to find out! 

Your Baby’s Development At 11 Weeks 

Your baby is developing distinct features, such as fingers and toes, by week 11 of pregnancy.

How Big Is Your Baby At 11 Weeks Of Pregnancy?

By the third month of pregnancy, your baby is prepared for a growth spurt: from top to bottom. The baby measures approximately 4.5 cm and weighs roughly 10 grams during 11 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week 11 Foetal Development

By 11 weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s heart is fully developed and beating. Nails are developing on fingers. The development of the nervous system and the brain is almost complete. Muscles and nerves are beginning to work.

11 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

The feeling of nausea and sickness may ebb as you progress towards trimester two.  For some women however, nausea continues. 🙁 On the up side, you might experience an increased sex drive from this week due to the fluctuating hormones. Hence, this is a good time for some bonding (action) with your partner! 

Your energy levels will also be redeemed during  this week. Which makes it a good time to enrol for childbirth education classes. Educational classes will guide you through pregnancy, labour and the first few months of parenthood.

Also, try to choose a class that involves your partner at least for some activities. This will help him connect with the baby. Some women crave nonfood substances during pregnancy, like mud, chalk, dirt, charcoal or even sand. As gross as it sounds, it happens because of iron or mineral deficiencies. If you experience any of these, ask your doctor how to manage the cravings.

Physical Development

Even though you still haven’t gained any weight on the tummy, you  might experience backache. This could be because of bad posture. To prevent back pain, focus on correcting your posture! Try to sit erect with your shoulders pushed back and chest a little forward.

Also, this is a good time to join prenatal classes as well. Doing light stretches and exercises can ease your body pain, and help keep your body flexible. However, do consult with your doctor for safety before enrolling in such classes.

Check if your hospital/ clinic conducts these classes so that you can work out safely and under supervision. They’re also a great place to meet other mums-to-be.

Emotional Development

Your partner and you need not abstain from physical intimacy during this time. And relax, you won’t harm the baby. Try different lovemaking positions as it is not advisable to put pressure on your growing abdomen. Consider the side lying position or the woman on top position, whatever makes you feel comfortable. A great time to get creative!

Make sure you ask your doctor, if you have doubts regarding sex during pregnancy. If you have a complicated pregnancy, your doctor may advise you to avoid sex till you step into trimester two. Till then, keep the hugs, kisses and cuddles flowing!

Your Body At 11 Weeks Of Pregnancy

You may feel a little more hungry these days. It’s a sign that your morning sickness is lessening. Just because you’re feeding two people doesn’t mean you should overeat. Try to gain weight efficiently by selecting the healthiest foods possible and avoiding junk throughout pregnancy. 

Your body is working extremely hard round-the-clock to develop your tiny baby into another human being. Eat energising snacks like almonds, dried fruit, cheese, crackers, and other wholesome meals that can offer you a boost in the interim to combat exhaustion.

As far as bodily changes are concerned, you will notice your lower abdomen expand slightly during this time. 

11 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

11 weeks pregnant
Image credit: Babycenter.com
11 weeks pregnant
Image credit: Immediate.co.uk

11 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound: Do You Need It? 

You can opt for 11 weeks pregnant ultrasounds to see how your baby is growing. This is usually the first time you see an image of your child. You can also opt for an ultrasound to determine your due date and detect whether your unborn child is at risk for conditions like Down syndrome or not. 

Self Care Tips For 11 Weeks Pregnant

  • Prenatal yoga practice can help you feel more at ease and prepared for birth. Just one session per week can lower your risk of anxiety and depression. Also, it reduces risks of premature birth and postpartum depression .
  • Remember to regularly brush and keep your teeth clean. Pregnant women often experience gingivitis, or inflamed gums, so prevent it by eating sugarless gum, which can help lessen plaque buildup, and munching on nuts or cheese and providing calcium and other nutrients.
  • Collagen, which supports your baby’s cartilage, muscles, blood vessels, and bones, is produced only when you nourish your body with vitamin C. So, consume vitamin C-enriched foods as it helps equipping your baby’s body with the capacity to heal damaged tissue.

Pregnancy Checklist During 11 Weeks Of Pregnancy 

  • To assist your doctor in determining which tests might be necessary, get a first-trimester screening.
  • Get evaluated for chromosomal abnormalities by opting for a nuchal translucency (NT) and chorionic villus sampling (CVS) if your doctor advises it.
  • Learn about weight growth during pregnancy. If your sickness has prevented you from eating well or if you haven’t gained much weight yet, don’t worry.
  • Eat calcium- rich foods.
  • Do skincare from time to time.

Key Takeaway

Remember to flag any major changes happening in your body. Timely intervention from your doctor is important to protect your health during pregnancy. It is also time to swap your heels for flats or low heeled pumps. Don’t feel bad. After all, flats will keep you comfortable, balanced and more safe. Also, some people believe that pregnant women should refrain from bathing regularly so they don’t faint. Again, a myth! A bath will keep you clean and ease fatigue. Yes, using piping hot water regularly or visiting the sauna must be avoided as it could increase chances of dizziness and dehydration.


What happens to a woman’s body at 11 weeks pregnant?

A mother-to-be goes through certain changes in the body during  11 weeks of pregnancy such as breast growth, increased vaginal discharge, dark abdominal line, leg cramps, fatigue, mood swings, morning sickness, and more.

Can you have a baby bump at 11 weeks pregnant?

Definitely! Every woman’s body is unique, and a bump may begin to emerge when the baby is 11 weeks along (particularly if you are carrying multiples or have previously given birth).

How does a 11 week pregnant belly feel?

Nausea, vomiting, fatigue. Although you may begin to feel more energetic, symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation, or heartburn will be more prevalent.

What are the signs of a healthy pregnancy at 11 weeks?

Aches and pains around your bump, nausea, mood swings, a metallic taste in your mouth, sore breasts, indigestion, headaches, and dizziness. 

Can you tell the gender at 11 weeks?

As your pregnancy progresses by weeks and months, it becomes easier to identify the gender of your baby. At 11 weeks, the accuracy can range from 70.3% to 98.7%, and at 12 weeks pregnant symptoms, to 100%. But it is illegal to ask the gender of the baby to the doctor. 











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