How to dress up your little boy for a fairy tale themed party?

How to dress up your little boy for a fairy tale themed party?

We got an email from school late in the afternoon, asking that bub be sent in a fairy tale costume for next day’s fairy tale themed party. If it were a girl, she would be Cinderella, snow white, or my favorite - sleeping beauty. What do you do with a boy? I didn't want him to be a prince. Surely, at this late afternoon hour, I couldn't go out and rent a costume! And when I searched online, there were hardly any fairy tale male character’s costume available on rent.

I was in a soup for sure! Started searching on some characters, and zeroed in on- Pinocchio. Lo and behold, I came up with this super simple and inexpensive way to create a costume on Pinocchio. It is such a refreshing shift from the regular Superheroes’ costumes that most boys are relegated to these days, for lack of enough options.

Almost every element of this costume is a recycled item, or something that we were using on a regular basis. Having regular clothes included in a costume makes it comfortable for little ones to wear, and they are less likely to be cranky carrying it till the end of the event/party!

So, here are the key elements:

  • Yellow Hat with blue ribbon
  • Blue Bow Tie
  • Black Jacket 
  • Yellow Shirt
  • Red Shorts
  • Suspenders
  • Shoes/Boots
  • Most important- A Huge Nose!

Let us go!

1. Hat: A plastic or paper hat, (You could create a hat using a white paper plate, fix a paper bowl on one side of the plate and paint it in yellow color. Either tie a blue tissue around it or a paper ribbon. To keep it fixed on head, I made two holes on either side and tied a shoe lace. A single loop below the face could fasten it or loosen it at will for the child. Fold a red chart paper rectangle in half, lengthwise and cut it into a semi circle. Trim the edges and make grooves. Open it up to see a beautiful feather. You can even use real feathers to create this feature on hat.



2. Blue Bow Tie: I used a blue paper shopping bag, cut out a 5-inch-wide and 4-inch long paper, folded it in a shape of a fan, and trimmed along the edges. Using a white ribbon, I tied it all together and left ends a bit longer to tie around the neck.



3. Black Jacket: My most adventurous lot. Pinocchio was a toy created by a poor carpenter, and I wanted to give that rag doll look of making clothes from leftover items. I cut open the sleeves of an old T-shirt, reversed it, cut it from the front to create a jacket and rounded the corners. I used paper bag string to make the trim for jacket. I simply pasted it with glue on the entire hemline of jacket. It was easy to wear and simple to manage. On the lapel, I used white chart paper and created two collars. Glued them together and created a separate back collar. You can also make this with stiff canvas or starched white cloth, I had none, so I used whatever I had :-)



4. Yellow Shirt, Red Shorts and Suspenders: He wore a favorite doggy yellow shirt that we had, no matter how much mommy tried to make him wear a plain one :-D But as long as he was cooperating, I am not complaining. We wore our normal red shorts with a set of suspenders to go with it.

5. Boots: We made do with our normal boots with socks. I wanted to create slightly bigger boots but it was not possible for him to keep wearing them the whole day, so I let him be and avoided doing that.

6. Nose: I opened up an old birthday party hat. Trimmed the circular end till it was small enough to be rolled back into a small cone. I fastened it using a tape. I used the elastic strings from the party hat itself and tied them back. It could be worn over the head and fixed on the nose in the front. I left the tip open to ensure breathing is not obstructed. I wanted to paint it in wood color but V got so excited and kept wearing it the whole time, before I could do anything about it. :-)



Thus our Pinochhio was born :-D

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