3 Gentle exercises for you, soon after you deliver your baby

3 Gentle exercises for you, soon after you deliver your baby

Finally, your body is on the other side, of your adventurous journey of pregnancy. 

It’s time to get fit again. To lose those extra pounds, and look sexier than you ever did before!

Good news is that you can.

Here’s one way:

First things first, we need to bring order to all those internal mechanisms that have been played around with, by your beautiful baby. 
So, we bring your pelvic floor muscles back the strength they deserve. We allow your perineum to heal. We then strengthen your core gently and let your organs move back into shape. 

Once we have covered ground  with strength, we bring out the big guns or, we play some more. We find an exercise routine that is both fun and calming as there's not much calm you are experiencing when this angel of yours is not asleep or quietly engaged with his/her new playground. 

Your doctor will recommend that you rest for 6 weeks or more, depending on the delivery you had.

You could enroll in a number of classes ranging from Pilates to Crossfit. Aerobics to Yoga.

I am biased to Yoga as it is a passion of mine. The advantages of finding a Yoga therapist to come over to yours is that you can adjust your exercise routine into your crazy feeding schedule right away. I often call this time your fourth trimester.

When your baby is close to 6 months, you can practice your Yoga routine with your baby. Now isn't that wonderful? Babies love the movement, music, chanting and interaction. You get to use your baby’s weight for your workout routine, while your baby is kept entertained. Win win, right?


3 Activties you can start practising straight away

Short, Gentle walks

You want to keep you walks short. Be mindful of your center of gravity, enjoy the process and try not to get carried away, as you do need to keep your activities gentle at this point in time. 



Dr.Arnold Kegel emphasised the need for pelvic floor muscles training in the 1940's.

You may have practised Kegels during your pregnancy as it is recommended both during and after your pregnancy. If you didn't, fear not. It's never too late. Kegels exercise is simple, effective and requires no props or preparations. You could be doing a few when you are feeding your baby, having a shower or getting a massage and nobody will even know, it will be your very own secret :-)

It involves contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles for a few seconds, especially the ones around the walls of your vagina. 

These will help you bring stability to your pelvic organs and prepare you for a more intense workout routine, involving your abdominal muscles.


Getting a massage every day for 40 days, after you have given birth can do wonders for your body. Your baby is getting one, why not you! After all, you did put yourself to quite a lot of work through your pregnancy and labor. It is preferable to find a specialist. Surely worth the money and time!
Those 6 weeks where you are meant to keep it gentle and prepare your body for your new and more intense workout  routine. 

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