Why are women scared of Labor?

Why are women scared of Labor?

12 Jun 2016 | 3 min Read

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Ask any pregnant mom what she thinks about labor and some of the words that she will come up with – Painful, Scared, Stressful, Anxious etc… Why is it that women do not say – Happy, Birth, New Beginning?

One of the most important reasons behind this is the fear of the unknown. “It’s the first time and I have never experienced this! Hence I am not sure what to expect from the process.”

The second is the stories that we hear related to labor and birth. Ever sat to ponder – no one shares a positive story. Everyone likes to share horror stories. Really the statement – Misery loves company is so true.

Thirdly, the exposure to various forms of media makes it not-so-real. Our films and TV shows depict labor and birth but over just a few minutes. It’s a film and hence has to be short and dramatic. They have just a few minutes and hence they will show a sequence where the woman is in a lot of pain and there is a dramatic flurry of activity around her. In reality, labor is much more longer – maybe a few hours, maybe a whole day. And all of it is not so tense and dramatic.

Finally, the over exposure to the internet and explicit videos that are available for free online viewing. Many years ago when I would show a birth video in my prenatal class it would be a novelty. Today it makes no sense because every parent coming to my class has seen  umpteen videos online. All of these may not be suitable for all audiences and parents end up creating visions of labor and birth which may be less than favorable.

Take a step back from all of this –  Change your perception. Birth is natural, Birth is normal and marks a beautiful beginning, after all! Women are designed to Birth. Having a positive perception to birth will help alleviate all fears around Labor.

So next time anytime tells you a horror story about Labor, ask them what happened after it? How they felt with the baby in their arms! 🙂

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