Are scans and vitamins really needed during pregnancy?

Are scans and vitamins really needed during pregnancy?

25 Aug 2016 | 3 min Read

Ruth Malik

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You might be surprised to know that not all health care providers follow the same model of care for pregnant and birthing women. Some commonly prevalent practices have long been proven harmful whilst healthier practices are strangely far less followed. The more informed we are, the easier it is to make a wise selection.


The medical model

In this approach, Pregnancy and childbirth are viewed as a medical event, doctors who follow this model will give medications and prescribe tests to all women. For example, in pregnancy, all women are given progesterone, various medications, vitamins and more than 2 sonographies, regardless of their real need for it. In birth, very few babies are allowed to fully complete their development until labor starts and then sped up with medication AND IV’s are inserted. Episiotomies are performed (Cut near the vagina made just before delivery to enlarge your vaginal opening) because doctors do not believe that the body can stretch to give safe passage to the baby. A good majority of mothers and babies will be perfectly fine one minute and in the very next, they will find themselves in the operating theatre having a caesarean section. In this model, pregnancy and birth is viewed as dangerous and the woman’s body is considered flawed.

The Normal or natural model

In this approach, women are cared for by practitioners who are experts in normal birth. Women conceive, go through pregnancy and give birth without requiring any form of medicine, testing, vitamins or surgical intervention. In this model, medications and medical interventions are only given if a real need arises. Generally, 1 to 2 sonographies will be done for mothers who request to check for congenital abnormalities. Women’s bodies are seen as capable of doing the job they were designed to do. The normal processes are known to provide lifelong health benefits to mother and baby. In India, there are very few providers that practice this model and those who opt for it, have a 97% natural birth success rate. 

Countries like the UK, Holland, and New Zealand usually follow the normal model of childbirth. Midwives care for women. These countries have some of the best outcomes for mothers and babies in the world. The US follows the medical model; the US is currently the only western country which is experiencing an increase in maternal mortality. 

Which model would you like to choose for yourself? Make an informed choice.


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