What You Need To Know About The Fourth Prenatal Visit

What You Need To Know About The Fourth Prenatal Visit

9 Dec 2016 | 2 min Read

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Before this visit, you will probably have undergone an ultrasound to screen for possible birth defects, number of babies, placental location and pregnancy age. Which means, you are now already well aware of your baby’s health status!

Make sure you carry the ultrasound report with you for this month’s checkup for your doctor to go through. Ask your doctor any questions that you may have.

You will have the routine weight and blood pressure checkup and this will be recorded on your antenatal card or file.

Your baby’s heartbeat will be checked on  the Doppler. Your doctor will also conduct an abdominal examination to ascertain the size and height of the uterus.

At this checkup for the fourth month, your doctor may recommend a double, triple or quadruple marker test which is an early screen test for possible prenatal genetic defects.

If your doctor conducts an ultrasound in the clinic itself, you might also get to see your baby move and kick!

With pregnancy symptoms such as nausea now reduced, the second trimester is the ideal time to travel. You can discuss your travel plans with the doctor during this visit.

If your doctor had told you and your partner to avoid making love in the first trimester; he might give a green signal at this visit. Make sure you resolve any concerns or queries that you or your partner might have.


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