When You Are Hurting With Heartburn in Pregnancy…!

When You Are Hurting With Heartburn in Pregnancy…!

Among the several complaints that you will make during your pregnancy, heartburn - a burning sensation from stomach acid leaking up into your oesophagus, is one of the most common pregnancy complaints that most pregnant women make.

The hormone progesterone relaxes your muscles in pregnancy. It also relaxes the stomach valve that keeps acid out of the esophagus. In addition, the growing baby in the uterus crowds the stomach, forcing acid into the esophagus. All of which, eventually can lead to heartburn.


Well, here are some tips that will relieve you of heartburn:

Eat every 2 hours: small meals eaten frequently are not only easier for the body to digest but also keep the stomach acids down.

Avoid eating foods which cause heartburns: Certain foods like spicy, greasy, sour, citrusy as well as chocolates and caffeine can trigger heartburns.

Consume liquids: Drink sufficient water and other liquids like soups, coconut water, smoothies, juices, buttermilk. These help keep heartburn at bay.

Sleep: Do not lie down immediately after meals. Eat your meals at least three hours before your bedtime. This will help in digestion and avoid heartburns.

Avoid consuming antacids: check with your doctor for a suitable antacid as per your condition.

Go for a short walk after meals: this will help you digest your meal properly and avoid heartburns.

Sleep with your head elevated with pillows: This will not allow the stomach acids to travel into your esophagus.

Wear loose fitting clothes: avoid any tightness around your waist.

Avoid bending your waist: bend from your knees while picking up object or sitting down.


Following are some natural remedies for heartburn relief during pregnancy:

  • Ginger Tea: Having ginger tea in moderation may provide relief to some.
  • Lemon water: Small quantities of lemon juice will help balance low stomach acids and can help in digestion.
  • Coconut Water: is a good natural acid neutralizer and may provide relief for heartburns.
  • Plain Water: needs to be consumed in sufficient quantities.
  • Fennel seeds: can be eaten or steeped in water and can be had cold or hot. It soothes the digestive tract, reduces acid and decreases inflammation. Moderate consumption is advisable as frequent consumption may result in contractions.
  • Almonds: are a good source of calcium and are known as stomach-settlers.
  • A tablespoon of honey in warm milk or a cup of cold milk: dairy products help some, whereas for others it may not help.


If acid reflux occurs more than twice a week, or  if you have no relief even after taking over-the-counter medications for more than two weeks, you may have a condition that requires specific lifestyle changes and medication – do talk to your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.


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