All You Need To Know About Baby Wearing: Part 1

Baby wearing is one of those few conveniences that allow you to keep your baby blissfully close to yourself, while also giving you the freedom to move around. Not to forget, this practice of wearing your baby in an ergonomic way also comes with umpteen benefits.

For more on the subject, look out for our #BabyWearing video series.

Here is the first video of the lot…




Choose from options on Babywearing from Anmol Baby and Zoli Zabla

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Comments (23)

From where can i buy these..

Kamalini Rao You can buy here itself on BabyChakra - Check Anmol Baby, Cookiie Pie Co Let  us know if you need any help!

Reshma Menon Gauri Khubi Amin Ahmed Naiyya Saggi

Rashmee Bhatia Gajra Can you please help her through buying Anmol on BabyChakra?

my twins are 3 years old, though they dont ask to be carried, yet when we go out it is maddening. i wanted to know if i can still start and if yes, tiill wht age could i be able to continue

Kaushal Sovani can you please help her?

it's just down the video screenshot.. to buy baby wearing products click here..

Comment image

Kamalini Rao you can also check Zoli, Zabla and More do let me if you need any further help

Dear @Prisha Lalwani
I totally get u.
My lo loved to be on her toes. However her little legs would tire easily.  Hence I would always carry the Sling in my purse. (Yes some of them can get really compact) I wore her till she was 5.5yrs - 17.5 kilos. Different carriers come with different weight capacity  depending on the design and material used for eg 10kilos,  18kilos, 20kilos weight bearing. Also sizing depends on the height of the baby. With respect to ur query, for quick ups and downs Ring Slings are recommended, especially  with toddlers who want to explore. If u plan to wear them for longer durations, u can opt for a Meh Dai or a SSC. both of these are double shouldered carriers so the weight is spread across evenly.
However I have worn my 5 yrs old for over 3 hrs in a Ring Sling. So it's basically  ur preference. For anything new,  u require practise.  So yes u can start even now with a little bit of practise and u can rock it.
Best wishes !!!

Sharing a Throw back☺....I found babywearing very very useful.....I used to carry my baby always with it I felt my baby safe and secured and close to me.  I used to travel a lot but never feel tiring me n my baby both used to enjoy.My baby was more happy in front pose and the little one is just opposite 😉

Comment image

Sheeba Vijes Ankita Popli Ashika Imthiyaz check this out...#tagfwd

That's lovely Sheeba Rizvi

Sheeba Rizvi ur baby looks so happy in the carrier!!! love the pic!!! 😘

Thank you very much Kaushal Sovani and Sheeba Vijesh...yes she loved to be in.....I used to carry her like this she loved to explore the things around...whenever I make her ready to go out this used to be the first thing she brings n insisted me to wear😊

i love babywearing.. i started wearing my baby whn she wss a month old.. i hv tried hands on RS, Mei Dai and now full buckle n each one is a boon!!! i cant imagine my travels without babywearing.. i hv done extensive travels with more thn 5 hours of travel at a stretch including road, rail and air travels.. i have kolkol n Dikri n all are amazing!

Baby wearing not only lets ur baby secure but also builds a strong contact amongst both thus increasing the love n affection..

Prisha Lalwani my twins are now 29 months old and we still swear by Babywearing.. we always have carriers in our car and bag when we go out ..I started Babywearing them when they were 3.5 months old and never looking back ...

hi i m 3 months pregnant with twins can u plz tell me what carrier can i start using for my babies together n how soon can i start.

Hi vindhya simha please ask your question as a separate post and tag some moms including babychakra you will get ample suggestions ☺BabyChakra Charu Sareen Gujjal can you help her please. ?

Dear vindhya simha,
Am glad that u are considering Babywearing.
You can start Babywearing from the day ur babies are born, provided they fit the weight and age specifications recommended by the manufacturer.
I started my BabyWearing journey when my baby was just 9 days old. I wore her in a Ring Sling.
I know some parents started as early as when the baby was just 4 hrs old in a stretchy wrap.
As you can see in the vdos above,  Ring Slings and Wraps are highly recommended for newborns as they support the baby's  delicate spine and provide enough head/neck support while holding the baby close to u. Babies can be worn in Meh Dai too with minor adjustments. You can Tandem wear babies in 2 Ring Slings or also in a wrap. For that u will need a longer wrap.
I suggest u look thro the vdos and  also attend a meet up to understand the carriers and their unique features better. Best Wishes !!!!

Thank you kaushal sovani and sheeba rizvi

hey Sheeba Rizvi i liked ur baby wear. which brand is this? is it available on babychakra. can it be used for 4 months old babies

i need a type which is easy to wear, safe, fully supportive nd comfortable for baby. pls let me know which type of baby wear i should purchase?

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