Top 5 Prenatal Yoga Classes in Mumbai!

Top 5 Prenatal Yoga Classes in Mumbai!

Yoga is an exercise that strengthens both, the mind and body. The benefits of yoga are many, but yoga especially benefits  the mum-to-be as it is a low impact, gentle, yet effective exercise that works on both the mind and the body. And since pregnancy is both a physical and emotional rollercoaster, prenatal yoga is a must for you, if you're expecting.


There may be many yoga classes around, but prenatal yoga is a specialised field and needs a special instructor to guide you. Here are the top prenatal yoga classes in Mumbai which are mommy-certified. Book your appointment with them today through BabyChakra.


1. Bump to Burp (earlier known as proactive 9)



Bump to Burp handholds an expecting mum right from the time she discovers she's pregnant till the birth of the baby. In addition to yoga they offer lessons on meditation, conduct sessions in physiotherapy and also offer babyshower game help! They're considered the best in Parel and Colaba.


2) Fit for Birth



Dr Riddhi Chandarana is a certified childbirth instructor and at Fit for Birth, she conducts Lamaze birthing sessions and prenatal nutrition counselling in addition to yoga sessions. Her classes have attracted the maximum number of reviews on BabyChakra.


3) Birth N Beyond  by Dr. Dhwani Shah and Dr Zahabia Basrai. 



Birth N Beyond organises fun and interactive sessions to stay fit through exercise and address all pregnancy concerns. Sessions are also organised to help understand labor pain and coping strategies along with prenatal breastfeeding through a Lamaze Childbirth Education Series.


4) Dr Rita Shah



Dr Rita Shah has been trained in prenatal and postnatal care in the US. In addition to being a certified Lamaze instructor, Dr Shah offers extensive breastfeeding advice on common breastfeeding problems like achieving the first latch or sore nipples. Her prenatal classes are said to be the best in Khar.

5) Dr Jinal Thosani Shah



Dr. Jinal Thosani Shah 's prenatal and postnatal sessions for couples are offered in Ghatkopar. Prenatal sessions include exercises designed for each trimester weekly thrice or twice. Postnatal and educative sessions include topics like labor, breast feeding and infant care. She even offers lessons on swaddling a baby as a part of the course - important!


So what are you waiting for mums-to-be? Just sign up for one of these prenatal yoga classes and exercise your way to a healthy and smooth sailing pregnancy    

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